Sunday, October 29, 2017

Beaute Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment with Beaute Library

It was a struggle after the facial session- a struggle to wake up from my dreamy slumber that is!

It was impossible not to fall asleep during Beaute Library's facial treatment. Its cozy environment and scents from the garden made it believable that I was in Eden for a while even when my mind was still spinning from the tasks at work.

Tortured under stress and polluted environment, my skin wasn't thanking me for not giving it the attention it deserves. My pores could be seen from a mile a way and skin has lost its glow.  I was searching for help to restore my skin's health and my quest brought me to Beaute Library's Beaute Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment.
Ready to be pampered
Collagen is essentially what my skin constantly needs to be pumped with that healthy glow and taut look. The Beaute Floral Essential Facial uses natural and potent ingredients to help skin generate more collagen for that elasticity which keeps people guessing the secret of that youthful look.
Beaute Library salon Kota Damansara
Consultation with Theresa
I must say that the interior of Beaute Library in Kota Damansara was elegantly set up with hygiene quickly noticeable. Consultation was done to inspect my skin and to inform me about the products being used before I slipped into my treatment gown.
The locker area to keep your valuables safe and park your shoes so that you are free of 
The process of the Beaute Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment includes:
1. Double cleansing
2. Pineapple scrub
3. Extracton
4. Anticeptic mint hydromask
5. Lavender shoulder massage
6. Rose collagen essense
7. Face massage
8. Floral mask
Cosy and hygienic room
The whole process allowed me to unwind in the most relaxed way, even during extraction! From the moment the I lay on the bed, I surrendered my face to the facial therapist, unperturbed. Extraction was thorough and done with lots of care. Honestly, I felt a tinge of guilt that the therapist handled my face more carefully than how I do it, as if it was hers.
This is where my beauty sleep happened
My stress melted away and I parked myself into dream mode. What made it better was the wonderful scents of plants of the extracts used in their products. Every application is scented with a very natural and uplifting smell that portray the freshness of the garden after the rain. Total antidote to stress! The therapist took effort to make my three-hour visit as comfortable as possible. And I owe it to her attention to details to catch my dose of beauty slumber!
On hydro mask with mint extract and antiseptic properties after extraction
My shoulders were also not neglected. I was pampered with a shoulder massage with soothing therapy from the smell of the lavender oil. It was difficult for any stress to remain in my body.
Theresa massaging in the rose collagen essence into my skin
The rose collagen essence is the fundamental of the therapy which gives it its name. The divine-smelling essence was spread on my face and massaged into the skin while I continued prancing around in the meadows in my head- this time, with roses.
Comfortable make up and dressing area to prep up before leaving
At the end of the treatment, I found myself being reluctant to leave! My face is much clearer, refined and smoother as new skin cells are surfaced and oil seeds removed. The skin is lifted and hydration restored. Now I cannot wait for my next facial session with Beaute Library!
Beaute Library's range of products
You only have one face, take care of it!
Thank you Beaute Library for the wonderful facial session!
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