Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Glamping at Dusun Bonda, Batang Kali Selangor

"Let Mother Nature nurture family ties with unforgettable memories as family is a masterpiece of nature itself."

Do not underestimate the capacity of a tent. Are all the concrete and bricks really necessary when there are canvas and ropes? I am starting to say "why not" to tents as homes after my camping experience at Dusun Bonda. Yes, the approval is coming from a true blue urbanite who needs apps for chores and gets lulled by the sound of traffic.

Ok...perhaps I cheated a little.

The tent came with electricity, clean water, a bathroom and a zinc roof 😁 But don't let those little facilities disqualify it as camping. I still slept by the river and was vulnerable to the animals living in the compound. Glamorous camping or 'glamping' would perhaps give it some justice. Whether it qualifies as camping or not, what I am sure about is that the fusion between nature and modernity is absolutely brilliant! You can expect to immerse in the purity of nature while having all the stress of primitive-living uprooted. 

Unforgettable at Dusun Bonda
That wonderful weekend, I let the charm of glamping at Dusun Bonda bring my family together. Located at the outskirts of Selangor in Batang Kali, this orchard-turned-camping site is a slice of heaven on Earth. The place was definitely a degree cooler than in the city as there was abundant of fresh oxygen and lots of shade from trees.

When I reached, I could not help noticing how tidy and organized the place was in the midst of the plethora of foliage. While registering at Rumah Atok, the lush green landscape hinted that there was more to be delighted about inside. The much anticipated river gracefully welcomed us as we walked towards our tent. Our eyes grew wide in excitement. With such verdant surroundings, so different from where we live, who wouldn't be. 

Our accommodation was easy to fall in love with. It was seated just beside the gurgling river with our very own private garden and bathroom (nope, you don't have to dig a hole near the bush). From lights, to insect repellent, to air conditioning, every aspect of comfort was well taken care of. We were surprised how little we had to worry about. Even hair and body shampoos were provided.

Scroll down to see us dipping ourselves in the river and throwing a BBQ night. 

Evidence of an orchard land
The rustic environment
Our functional home by the river
Don't underestimate the capacity of a tent!
Our private garden- all ours!
Fresh as a dew
Speaking to the owner of the orchard
Full of greenery
The river inviting
Have a dip in the cool water
Rural fun
Ruminate about how you cannot step into the same river twice
A place for every walk of life
Prepare yourself for a swim at the pool filled with river water
For RM60, you can rent the roof top BBQ area that comes with this full fledged kitchen. You don't have to share this kitchen
Games to keep your fingers off your mobile phone
Take advantage of the bucolic environment to throw a BBQ dinner when night falls. Potable water, tongs, cutleries, cups and plates and even a can opener were available at the common kitchen. All we needed to do was to prepare the food. For RM15, 3 kgs of charcoal (bring more if you have lots of food), a BBQ pit, a fan and a grill are provided.

We jumped at the opportunity to bring whatever grill-able in mind. Our wings were fervourly seasoned and seafood was amazing. As we ate, this place turned into an enchanted garden when the lights were all lit. We ceased the chance for some phototaking.

The common kitchen where you can make friends while preparing the dishes
Washing banana leaves
Sister preparing the BBQ fire
Skewering the food
BBQ flavours the food with your owneffort which makes it more tasty!
Corn, pineapple and sausages
Salt bae
Popcorn for the night
Facilities for the fam to eat together
Washing the dishes at my favourite 'sink'
The orchard transforms into an enchanted garden by night. It was as if it was a fairies' playground when the fairy lights were turned on. So magical and fascinating. It was a romantic setting fit for a proposal! 

Scroll down for my experience at the crack of dawn.

Our tent at night
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Loving the evening
When lights and nature marry well
The common dining area
The family playing games before falling asleep

In a place like this, the mobile is not the alarm of choice. Roosters were very punctual in sensing the crack of dawn. I was greeted by the same gurgling river that lulled me to sleep. The feeling was indeed refreshing. I bounced out of my mattress in hopes to waste no time experiencing what Dusun Bonda has to offer before check out at 12 noon. Out of my tent I crawled and made good use of our private bathroom.

By the river, my family and I indulged in a nasi lemak breakfast while basking in the freshness of nature. It is a rare occasion that I get my breakfast masticated properly in front of a river. The feeling was surreal. My soul was whispering that I needed more of this river therapy.

Morning dew is real
Breakfast is provided
Beverage choice of coffee, tea and Milo
What an indulging time especially breakfast is my favourite meal of the day
Savouring my nasi lemak while I bask in the freshness of nature
Enjoying their breakfast
Beautiful flowers bedeck Dusun Bonda
I reaped not only the experience of camping, although a little bolstered by modern amenities, but also sweet memories and precious family time. Mother nature indeed heals. Therefore the thoughts of making myself a tent home still harbours. Thank you Dusun Bonda!

Free and spacious carpark at Dusun Bonda
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Dusun Bonda

Lot 2121 (2996) Jalan Ulu Tamu, 
Kampung Orang Asli Gurney, 
Ulu Tamu, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor

Tel: 012-663 3667

Ig: @dusun_bonda

Near Dusun Bonda, there are 2 hot springs for those who likes a dip in steamy mineral water. Parking is RM1 and entrance is RM3 for both hotsprings.