Saturday, May 11, 2019

Detoxing the Body with MinTox

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not only living in the spectrum of exercise, plenty of water and nutritious food. Although kilometers of runs, lots of careful grocery shopping plus living beside a giant water tumbler, there is something amiss. Lethargy always seem to be in the way of my active lifestyle. Besides, the glow on my skin is pathetically absent despite dripping cups of sweat that was supposed to draw the radiance out from my pores.

Leading an active lifestyle, eating clean and drinking lots of water isn't enough. What else is missing?
With some research, I came to realize that although I have been bathing myself with nutrients, my body was saturated and was not receptive to anymore goodness that is offered to it. I highly suspect that latent toxins is the devil in my body. The accumulation from the inevitable processed food, unclean air, emergency all-nighters and occasional food sins will take a toll on the body. 

Desperate to get rid of the lethargy, I begin to search for ways to purge the toxins from my body.  Naturally, the body expels toxins through sweat, urine and stool. However, I come to understand that regular bowel movement is not enough for body detoxification. On the other hand, turning to laxatives to purge is also dangerous and may cause dehydration.

It was during the search I found MinTox and decided to try it for a period of 1 month. 
Received my first MinTox package!

MinTox is a dietary supplement in powder form. One box of 14 sachets costs RM 138 which provides for 14 days. The essential ingredients are psyllium husk, kiwi extract and Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) which will work the magic.

Made from natural ingredients, it promotes positive digestive system and promotes growth of beneficial bacteria. It improves intestinal environment, leading to better health. Its 100% natural contents are mild and do not irritate the intestines; soften stools, gently remove harmful substances in the intestines, effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, and regulate bowel movement. It also helps in weight loss, improving skin, lowering blood pressure and balancing cholesterol levels.

With less toxins in the body, I can expect a brighter complexion and a more energetic body with one side effect. During the detoxing period, I am expected to frequent to bathroom much more. If more time in the loo can expel the lethargy and toxins, I consider it an easy trade-off.

This certainly sounds like an investment worth while for a healthier me!
1 box gives me 2 weeks of supply

 How to drink MinTox

Add 1 packet a day into around 200ml of water
I prefer taking it after dinner around 8pm-9pm so that it detox can be done more effectively overnight when there is no more food intake
Give it a good shake
Chug down the delicious drink! I love the smell of peach. It makes me look forward to the drink every night.
Remember to flush it down with plenty of water so that the fine psyllium husks is not gone to waste

I cannot wait to meet the healthier me!

Stay tuned to see the results in 1 month!

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