Friday, January 22, 2016

Barclays Premier League- That Night When Liverpool vs Manchester United

The pandemonium could not be contained. The showdown of 2 eternal rivals in the football realm was destined to be on that day. The Liverpool and Manchester United clash-out at the Barclay's Premier League brought about legions of red fans to Sunway Giza before the giant HD screen at the LIVE Match Viewing Party hosted by FOX International Channels (FIC) 
All about football
Those who know me would be wondering which monsoon wind brought me to the event as I cannot even kick a ball straight. Well, an avid fan as a boyfriend would explain why. His favourite team was not playing but it is always uplifting to draw energy from the revelry and it was great opportunity to improve my football vocabulary.
It's the day of the 2 legendary rivals
Celebrating the match, there were some exciting activities for the all who were game enough before the live telecast began. The Fox Sports Football Simulator was very welcomed as it made everyone an instant football player while The Double Dribble Challenge was there to test adroitness of the legs.
The Fox Sports Football Simulator
Fox Sports Double Dribble Challenge
Starting them young
There was also a corner to put your foresight to use. If your score is right, prizes awaits at the end of the game!
Guess what I predicted
The merchandise store was an interesting scene with eye-catching red souvenirs spreading over the whole patch. The ones that caught my eye was the RM1200 authentic player autographed jersey. The team pack also appeared cute and the plush toy would not go wrong if anyone got that for me.
Merchandise concept store
Red items
Liverpool vs Manchester United
Authentically signed jerseys for RM1200
Fan's collectibles- Team Pack
I wouldn't mind a red plush toy
Sky was the limit when it comes to fans' love and emotions for their favourite clubs. It was my first time witnessing the clamour and vehemence of a football match. My boyfriend told me to look out for the taunts among the teams that amped up the already-heated situation. No wonder guys or rather football fans (girls included) take so much pleasure in communal viewing of a match may it be at mamak stalls, pubs or parties like this.
The attentive crowd during the match
Loyal Liverpool fans
Enthusiastic Manchester United fans
Fans go to lengths to invest in props and flags to display their undying support for their teams. I spotted a little boy sporting a devil's mask and a red pitch fork to announce his sports religion. Songs and jingles were sung passionately. I admired in awe the spirit that no mortal could break.
Fans displaying their love for their football club
Manchester United fans were particularly energetic. They paraded into the area before the match started
Yours truely not missing out on the excitement
Emcees hyping up the spirit even more
Fans showed off their football knowledge in the trivia session and went all out to win merchandises as well as prizes from FOX Sports and sponsors such as BAC, MyEG and Wonda Coffee. Loyalty was proven to be cemented when a fan refused to answer a question related to the other team! Pardon my surprise...I was new. 
My view at the event
Uproar during a close goal
The match started at 10pm and everyone's eyes were glued to the giant HD screen. Every goal attempt and defense was cheered and jeered. Even I was at the edge of my seat. At the end of the game...
Man United-1 Liverpool-0
Congratulations Manchester United!
Great game Liverpool! Try again. You Will Never Walk Alone
Best dressed fan
Manchester United fans rejoiced!

Fans can tune in to FOX Sports (ASTRO Channel 812) and FOX Sports HD (ASTRO Channel 832) to catch all the action of BPL Live, week in and week out!

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