Sunday, September 10, 2017

Birthday Celebration at Hotel on the Park @ Resorts World Genting

The family is always more excited when it comes to my father's and sister's birthday. Because their special days fall on the same month and only 2 weeks apart, it is one of the months that we look forward to in the year because their birthday bash would be combined and a party-worthy one. When we heard that Genting has reincarnated one of its hotels into a spanking funky hotel, we decided to make their birthday celebration literally a cool one!
Check out our staycation in Genting's latest Hotel on the Park
Although just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, Genting never fails to make me feel like I am in another country. In the cable car especially, I am awed by its scenery again and again. For a moment, those ethereal mist managed to hoodwink me the whole family to thinking that we were in Switzerland! Hahaha how we wished.
With the fambam
Scenery behind us managed to delude us to thinking we were in Switzerland
Being Resorts World Genting's first hotel, the Theme Park hotel has contributed to the propagation of the many other hotels at the peak. Resorts World Genting gives no chance for its longest established hotel to be a passe among its stellar and newer assets. In July 2017, the Theme Park Hotel has been relaunched into the spanking new Hotel on the Park, accommodating mainly families and visitors in groups, in preparation for the opening of the very anticipated Fox Theme Park!
The main entrance of Hotel on the Park already imbues a sprightly mood
The reception of the hotel adopts a minimalist and contemporary style 
If the hotel was a human, I would definitely hire the plastic surgeon who did its make over! There was no sign of old-age at the Hotel on the Park. In fact, it is saturated boisterous energy and hints of fun at every corner. At the lobby itself, check out their trick mirror, giant bench and stacks of huge cups.
The lobby is already a fun place to be!
Parents having good photography time with their children
Never too small for a huge bench!
Which giant family these cups belong to?
We already had an expectation of what the room would make us feel but when we stepped into the room, the real thing exceeded it. Sorry to bust the surprise for you but this is what the room looks like. The sight the drawings on the blinds and wall will already make children feel like the hotel is designed for them. And for adults, welcome to la la land!
Our room comfortable for 6 people!
My sister Evy on the upper deck and she doesn't know the surprise yet
Artsy room that appeals to anyone ready to have fun!
Despite the playful interior, there are some really serious matters being taken care of in the hotel. There is a fully functional safety box in every room, deep compartments big enough to stow away your bulky luggage, toiletries enough for everyone (six people for our room), thick towels and anti-slip slippers for all.
Safety box to keep  your valuables locked away
Space saving compartments to substitute the conventional cupboard
Happy feet for all
Being the first hotel build in Genting, it is seated at a vantage location that overlooks the low lands. To me, the magnificent view is worth the whole stay. In the future, Fox Theme Park better be another reason! No photograph can do justice to the scenery we have from our room. The night view is even more spell-binding. I found myself letting the glowing lights lull me to sleep.
Breathtaking scenery overlooking the English Garden and even KL! 
If you think this is beautiful, wait till the sun sets. Scroll down! I will show you
Daddy powering up with some complimentary drinks
And me powering up my phone. They know exactly where power points should be!
The spacious bathroom that can accommodate one person showering, 1 person at the toilet, 2 persons brushing teeth and 2 persons applying make up all at the same time!
Ooo la la! 
Sufficient toiletries and towels for 6 people
Papa and Evon's birthday surprise cakes by the hotel staff!
The English Garden just in front of the hotel is a place that you cannot miss. This paradise matches the portrayal of Eden in my mind. Park benches are at every corner for visitors to sit and absorb nature's grace. When the moon replaces the sun, a visit to the English Garden is even more compulsory! The vantage point that commands a heavenly view is beyond words. Watch the night orchestrate an awesome show of lights and luminescence.
A walk at the English Garden
The lost maiden
Marry marry quite conquery, how does your garden grow?
A sumptuous family dinner at the Coffee Terrace
The night view at the Talking Garden (in the English Garden) is beyond words
The Cyndrical Fountain glows majestically amid the garden
Mom and I couldn't leave the spectacular view
I was dazed by this view all night long
Rise and shine but not willing to leave the covers just yet
Morning was not easy for us that Sunday. I did not know drugs can come in the form of a bed! We slept so well because the air is naturally conditioned and indisputably the best medicine from the malaise of daily work. But Chin Swee Temple was waiting so we had some incentive to resist sleeping in. Breakfast at Eatopia was ready at 9pm. The grab-and-go breakfast was a huge packet of yummy chicken curry nasi lemak, a pastry and a can of beverage. Definitely was fueled up to kick-start the day!

Check out our day at Chin Swee Cave Temple and Senikome, Resorts World Genting's latest arts and cultural centre.
Breakfast on the go at Eatopia
Generous packet of nasi lemak, pastry and a can of beverage for each guest of the room
The grandeur of the horizon from our room
Hotel on the Park also offers quadroom for 4 people and for people with special needs because everybody deserves to be happy!

For reservations, kindly go to
The quad room (4 pax) with 2 queen size bed, 260 sqft large
Room for people with special needs
Hotel is disabled friendly. They deserve a comfortable holiday like everyone else
Our art time at Senikome
Playing games we used to occupy ourselves with during primary school
Congkak, batu seremban, chapteh are all available at Senikome to revive those nostalgia 
Pray pray at Chin Swee Temple
The wide landscapes of Chin Swee Temple
Evy shopping at Sky Avenue
With the troupe of mob dancers at Sky Avenue

For more information, visit
Check out our day at Chin Swee Cave Temple and Senikome, Resorts World Genting's latest arts and cultural centre.

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