Saturday, January 13, 2018

Go For Greatness with the New Fernleaf UHT Milk

After ringing the bell at the top, my heart was screaming a big "YESSSS!" I have always wanted to climb a wall and I finally did it! Thank you to Fernleaf for not only providing the opportunity at 1-Utama but also resonating their tagline loud enough to fortify the drive in me to GO FOR GREATNESS!
Going for greatness today!
Going for my greatness in the obstacle course and wall climbing that day is only possible with good health condition and strong bones. Which is why I keenly recommend nuturing one's health and body with the proper diet. Products like milk contribute significantly to our diet and is the kind of food your body will thank you for.
Fernleaf now comes in the ready-to-drink UHT milk in 3 delicious flavours- full cream, low fat and chocolate
For over 30 years, Fernleaf is trusted to bring the goodness of dairy from New Zealand farms. Fernleaf's product certification unabashedly displayed on the packaging attests to the product's quality and the brand's sincerity in providing Malaysians the best of milk.
Fernleaf is 100% made from grass-fed cows from New Zealand with essential nutrients
Many consumers know that Fernleaf milk comes from New Zealand but not many are aware that it is backed by a larger network committed to dairy excellence. Its mother company Fonterra is a gloal dairy nutrition company owned by 10,500 farmers and their families, all united by a fundamental belief in the power of dairy to make a difference.
Promotion price of RM4.99 for 1 litre pack. Normal price at RM6.60
Fernleaf fruit yogurts
To motivate Malaysians to reach greatness, Fernleaf invites Malaysians young and old to join some climbing fun that is sure to elevate spirits. Wall-climbing challenges and other exciting activities await at Oval Concourse One Utama Shopping Centre from 10th to 14th January.
Prove yourself with the obstacle challenge and wall climbs
Scaling up to reach the goal
Taking up the challenge one at a time
One wall is not enough!
Fun at One Utama concourse
Good bones to jump on the trampoline

Only from 10th -14th January 2018
Oval Concourse, One Utama Shopping Centre

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