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Imaginatricks @ Resorts World Genting

I was at the edge of my seat, digging my nails into the flesh of my palms and gritting my teeth. Happening just a few meters away from me, I couldn’t blink a second. The daredevils of Imaginatricks blew our minds with their death-defying stunts, inducing cardiac jolts along the way.

The show is more that what its name suggests. Imaginatricks is beyond imagination and did not seem so much of a trickery. It gels together a show that is glossed by dance, punctuated by singing, and blended with acrobats and stunts that pushes human’s limitations. Engineering know-how is also part of the recipe of this ovation-worthy show. 

A photo with the bevy of performers
Entertaining with great showmanship
A recommended post-dinner activity
With daily shows at 8pm except for Sunday at 4pm from 25 May - 10 November 2019 
and from 19 November 2019 - 24 May 2020 (with an additional 4pm matinee on Saturdays)

Flamboyant display of costumes and accessories
Spectacular choreography
Splashes of colour and lots of sparkles

Popular depiction of basketball usually centres around the United States of America, but the sport is also incredibly popular in Central and Eastern Europe. Hailing from Hungary is Face Team, the world’s first and only acrobatic sports theatre. Formed in 2004 and reaching the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent Series 6, the Guinness World Record-achieving basketball acrobatic team is sending Bálint Huszár, Ádám Gyujtó, Kerim Daghistani, Talán Tóth, Dénes Martsa and Tamás Felföldi for the Imaginatricks show at Resorts World Genting. With their history in NBA and FIBA events, as well as international theatrical festivals, Face Team will be performing a choreographed set showing off their acrobatic slam dunk and freestyle basket juggling skills set to a rocking, pumping soundtrack. 
Single-handedly heaving waves of laughter from the crowd
Ukrainian comedian Oleksii Krasnykh is a graduate of the Variety and Circus Academy of Ukraine in Kiev, Krasnykh won the Grand Prix of international clown festival Comediada in 2015 and is renowned for his amazing talent in pantomime and sound imitation. Having travelled the world with his one man show ‘Superstar’, Krasnykh now joins the cast of Imaginatricks as the resident clown, entertaining audiences with a comedy sketch routine whose appeal transcends language and geographical barriers.

Next level cycling
The Gerlings exhibits their daring face 
From the sultry continent of Latin America comes a death-defying performance. Hailing from Colombia, the award-winning acrobatic Gerlings troupe brings miracles high above the stage with an amazing Highwire act. Twelve members of the troupe will take to the sky high above the Genting International Showroom stage, preparing to performs feats like running, dancing, jumping, rope skipping, bicycle riding, chair balancing or – most astounding of all – a balancing human pyramid on nothing by a thin wire. It will be breath-taking, it will be startling and it will be astonishing to see what the acrobats of The Gerlings can do… which is a testament to the limits of human physical achievement, willpower and imagination.

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And finally, the audience should continue to look up as The Gerlings regroup with their Wheel of Suspense show to IMAGINATRICKs. Four members of The Gerlings will risk their lives to showcase impossible features on a rolling double-wheel contraption called the Wheel of Suspense, balancing themselves precariously on rotating thin strips of metals while performing jumps, cartwheels, somersaults, handstands and more. It is an act that has won The Gerlings gold medals at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival and the Wujiao International Circus Festival in 2017 (among many other awards), and the perfect cap off to an amazing night.

Check out how skating sans ice is done

Skating onto the stage next will be ice skaters Aleksander Popov and Elena Efaeva. Former Junior Champion Popov and Efaeva have both represented Russia on an international level at global ice-skating championships with skills that have amazed audiences worldwide. Together, they have devised a beautiful and passionate Ice Skating Adagio routine for Imaginatricks that is equal parts poetically beguiling and technically demanding.

Imaginatricks is produced by Agosta Artist Co, directed by Abraham Kostanian and his multi-talented creative team. The Russian production company has over 35-years-experience in international show production, aiming to combine classic theatre, French cabaret, unique artistic skills and advanced technical tricks to take audience to a new reality. Agosta Artist Co’s track record including performing at the biggest theatres in Europe, Asia and the Pacific and its latest show Imaginatricks is a tour de force of international acts, an original soundtrack, live music, dance, magic and ice skating.

Imaginatricks  will run over 360 shows of 75 minutes each from 25 May 2019 to 24 May 2020. Tickets are priced at RM196 (Preferred), RM146 (PS1) and RM96 (Gallery). An additional processing fee of RM4.00 applies. GRC (Genting Rewards Card) members enjoy a standard 10% discount via cash, credit card or Genting Points redemption.

Resorts World Genting is also offering special Imaginatricks room packages. For First World Hotel, the package for a Standard room is priced at RM339 on weekdays and RM371 on weekends, including 2xPS1 tickets for the show.

For the Theme Park hotel, the Imaginatricks packages are priced at RM549 for a King room (including 2xPS1 tickets), RM877 for a Quads room (including 4xPS1 tickets) and RM1,142 for a Sixers room (including 6xPS1 tickets).

For more information, visit or call +603 2718 1118. 

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