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Private Tutors in Malaysia : Four things you need to know

In Malaysia, most of the parents are working full-time and thus seldom have time to guide their children’s studies. It is also difficult to keep up with the latest syllabus as it is always changing. Therefore, most of the parents send their children to tuition centres/home tuition in Malaysia. Here in Malaysia, we are truly blessed with many great learning centres and tuition centres. On top of that, we have the convenience and possibility of hiring a home tutor who can guide our children at their own learning pace.

1. Benefits of hiring a private tutor for your kids

1. Private home tutor can save time. If you are in big cities such as Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru, chances are that you experience traffic jam while on the road during peak hours. Imagine that if tutor comes to your house and teach your kid, wouldn’t that save a lot of time, which can be used in a better way?

2. Private home tutor can provide personalised attention. Whenever your children have problems with academic/homework, they can ask the tutor directly during the lesson. Any mistake or problem could be pointed out and corrected by the tutor immediately.

3. Private home tutor teach at student’s learning pace. This advantage is very important when the student faces difficulty in a certain subject such as mathematics, tutor could teach at a pace where the student can follow since it is one-to-one home tuition.

4. Private home tutor can provide flexibility in arranging timetable. When student has a change in school plan, he/she may want to change the tuition time, home tutor usually allows it as compared to tuition centre where the time needs to be followed by a large group of students.

5. Private home tutor can also assist with specific learning obstacles. Be it dyslexia, ADHD, attention issues or behavioural problems, a specialised and experienced tutor can help the student to achieve their best.

2. How many different types of private tutors are there?

In general, private home tutors can be grouped into 3 categories:

a) Student Tutors. These tutors are young and friendly, usually aged 18 and above. They are recent college graduate or diploma graduate. Their rates are lower and their timing is also more flexible, usually teaching primary school students.

b) School Teachers. These tutors are also school teachers. They are certified by the Ministry of Education and are always updated with the latest school syllabus. Thus, they usually charge higher price, however, timing may not be so flexible compared to student tutors.

c) Graduate/Undergraduate tutors. These tutors are usually part-timers, who are still studying at university. They are good role models for the students as they can show them the possibility of entering into great school when they are adults. Thus, they provide students with the motivation to pursue great results. Prices are between what student tutors charge and school teachers charge.

3. What are the rates of private tutors?

The rates depend on qualification and experience. Below is the average price per hour for all subjects (Mathematics, Science, Mandarin, English, Bahasa, etc) extracted from

When comes to learning, parents should treat education as investment because knowledge will
change the student’s life. Thus, for a long-term view, having home tutor could greatly improve
student’s academic and thus a wider option of opportunities in future.

4. I’ve decided to hire a home tutor, what should I do next?
Many parents usually hire tutors based on recommendations from other parents. In addition, parents could also hire private home tutors through tuition providers such as My Quality Tutor, My Private Tutor, Tuition Hero and Champion Tutor. Engaging these agencies are usually free-of-charge, what parents have to do is just submit forms through their website. Of the many platforms, My Quality Tutor is very user friendly and has a list of recommended tutors for me to pick from based on past reviews. Also, the coordinator, Mr Hong clearly understands what the parents want and provide the suitable qualified tutor profiles. They have more than 10, 000 private home tutors in Malaysia.

For more information about online or home tuition:
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