Friday, March 11, 2016

Nutella Has A New Name...Yours!

Some things in the kitchen finish extra fast. I must admit the frustration when my newly replenished jar of Nutella disappears like nobody's business! And it happens...all...the...time. Now Nutella has a new name and it is EWEN! A jar that is all mine to eat because it bears my name!
My very own jar of Nutella
Nutella has a new name. Yours. #yournutella
Your Nutella campaign has reached Malaysia! For those who are familiar with the international scene, you would have seen your friends in Europe having their jar of Nutella personalized. The campaign then migrated to the Middle East before landing in Singapore just recently. Happening from 9th-13th March 2016 at the Concourse of One Utama's old wing, you can print your name on the label of a Nutella jar.
Belinda Chee hosting the launch of Your Nutella
For just RM15.90, your name will be where the brand should be in Nutella style on a 350g jar of yummy hazelnut chocolate spread. Tips: The shorter the name, the better it looks on the jar- chic and trendy. Look at the samples below.
Leonardo, Marketing Director of nutella SEA launching the campaign with the first personalized jar in Malaysia
When I had my name printed on it, there was no way to describe the personal connection with that special jar of sweetness. I cannot bring myself to put a 'Do Not Touch' sticker on normal jars as it is seen as selfish. After all, I do want to share good stuff with my family and friends. So a name on it does the work...well at least until that unique jar finishes.
Make sure when  you key in the names, check the spelling before hitting enter
How do you like your Nutella? On waffles, pancakes and bread? Or with fresh fruits like how I like it? Or better still...a dollop of pure Nutella on its own just like that! The launch featured food that was complimented by the addictive chocolate spread.
Waffles with nutella
Have it with fruits
Add a layer of nutella on your pudding and desserts
Nutella has a unique taste and so delectable that can make any bad day wonderful. To me, it is the hazelnut that makes all the difference- melted praline that matches with anything in the dessert department. Not only is its chocolate delicious, Nutella contains no artificial colours or preservatives.
Mama nutella and baby ewen nutella.
Wish my nutella could reproduce on its own in my fridge!
I must praise the person who germinated this idea as it brings happiness to anyone who receives that special jar. Anyone! It is a perfect gift to family and friends. The gift itself is literally sweet. It is now even more valuable when purchase is only limited to one person per jar! I had to queue several times to get all my intended gifts done. Was it worth the trouble you ask? To me, yes.
Made it for my family and friends
From mid-april to end of May, participating supermarkets and hypermarkets will carry the name label standees, with selected stores running promotional events for fans to get their own name labels. The list of stores can be found here

For fans who are unable to find their names in the standees, the website which will be launched on 14th March 2016 will allow anyone to customize their own labels and have them sent to their email address.

To contribute to the campaign, take a picture and tell your story and tag @nutellasea #yournutella

instagram @nutellasea

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