Friday, April 15, 2016

Zaloraya 2016 Fashion Show

I now understand what makes Zalora the leading online fashion destination in Asia. They are FAST! Just a little while after Chinese New Year, Zalora is now ready to prep you for Raya! Yes, you heard it right- the Eid festival coming in July. RAYALUTION, Zalora's largest raya fashion festival to date is offering more interesting creations. Raya is for all when it comes to fashion. I did not pass up the Zaloraya fashion show at the Le Meridian Hotel to check out some cool outfits with which I can make my Muslim friends proud! 
Outfit of the evening
Guess who I found at the fashion show
Hatta for Zalora
Kurungs with a contemporary twist. Hatta made it sweet with pastel colours. His designs this time around is inspired by the poppy flower which embodeis femininity and grace. This collection preserves Hatta's winning lines and techniques which carries his identity of a distinguished Malaysian fashion designer.
Collection will be live on Zalora from 12th May 2016 

Xema Su
Xema Su's pieces are mainly inspired by the diverse and rich Malaysian culture with clean lines and comfortable cuttings. Her pieces are versatile and safe not only for Raya but also for any elegant events. Simple yet workable.

Collection will be live on Zalora in May 2016 

Tsyahmi's designs emerged rich with traditional Malay traits. Very classical, his collection this time displays a hint of grandeur from the past. Abaya-like pieces fuses modesty and modernity with class. 

Collection will be live on Zalora from 24th May 2016 

Woo/ Fiziwoo for Zalora
I must say Woo/ Fiziwoo matched my appetite with almost every piece. The designers made chic and fun emerge out of their designs that are based on the 1970's look. Nostalgic yet trendy. I spotted my raya piece here. 

Collection will be live on Zalora from 9th June 2016 

My favorite piece! Yellow to be specific

That's not all. Wait for more designer pieces coming live on Zalora.
 Raya Fashion designer brands:
Sugarscarf for Zalora going live on 5th May 2016
Bella Ammara for Zalora going live on 12th April 2016
Poplook Premium for Zalora going live end of April 2016
ARDA PUTRA going live in May 2016
Lubna going live on 11th April 2016
Fazbulous Raya by Fazura going live on 10th May 2016
Sawdaa by Mizz Nina going live on 14th April 2016
KREE going live in June 2016
MINAZ going live on 9th May 2016
My sister Evy and I
There you go boys and girls! Selamat memilih baju raya!
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