Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Maybelline Launches New Tagline 'Make It Happen' @ Midvalley

I applaud Maybelline's new and brilliant tagline, 'Make It Happen'. At last! A tagline that is concise, sharp and spot on! These three words give empowerment to women to make it happen, whatever the 'IT' may be. What is your 'IT', ladies? To be awesome on stage, to be pretty for your boyfriend or to be confident in the office? The brand helps you to make 'IT' happen! That's what Maybelline is disseminating. 
Launch of Maybellin's 'Make It Happen'
Maybelline now urges you to 'Make It Happen'
'Make It Happen' is a much positive and stronger tagline compared to its predecessor 'Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Maybelline.' To be honest, I never thought the old one was engaging as it bore too much uncertainty for the brand. Yes, it is understood that Maybelline was trying to compare the beauty it brings to natural beauty but it was only 'maybe' Maybelline. Maybe it was the collagen suppliment? Or the vitamin pills? Well enough of my two cents worth. What really matters and remained is that it is my no.1 make up brand because of its quality, good colours and affordability. 
Set up of the launch of Maybelline's new tagline at MidValley
Make It Happen permits ladies to define their own beauty with make up. Facial artistry can do wonders to a person's confidence, boosts up one's mood and fortify one's belief. And all those will fuel you to achieve your dreams. Maybelline provides the tools, and it is up to you to Make It Happen! *Just love their new tagline*
Tuti, Malaysia's representative of Asia's Next Top Model 4 being made up by Steven Sunny 
Tuti's pretty made up look
Tuti and Steven Sunny
Maybelline showcased their 'IT' girls who consist of Asia's Net Top Model Tuti, artepreneur and jewelry designer Harmini Asokumar, actress Elisya Sandha, Youtube singer Johanis Sani, beauty and lifestyle vlogger Wong Jie Xhia and freelance model Noorzamrina Zamrin. Each one of them shared how make up helped them transform their lives and how it oiled their way to achieve their dreams.
Maybelline featuring their 'IT' girls
Maybelline's wide range of products
Low self-esteem and self doubt are often the hurdles between Malaysian women and their dream. In Maybelline's research, it is found that what matters to Malaysian girls today are their family, positivity, career or success, lifestyle and yes physical appearance. Call it shallow but physical impression counts. So if you don't feel beautiful enough or just feeling down, whip out a lipstick or put that mascara to good use. It does not really matter what people think about it. What matters is that your confidence is stretched a little higher...and it goes a long way.
Transform yourself with Maybelline
One of the things I love about Maybelline is its colours that make me want them all!
A trusted brand
Which product is your favourite? Mine would be the Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner!
Get your IT look at Maybelline counters at Guardian Malaysia stores. Guardian is the largets health, beauty and personal care chain in Malaysia with 400 stores nationwide.

The Maybelline 'Make It Happen' is trademark registered worldwide. Alongside Asia's Next Top Model 4, Zalora is the official fashion partner for Make It Happen and Maybelline 'IT' Girls look book
Ladies, Make It Happen. Go Out and Conquer the World!

Evy Hooi

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