Sunday, December 4, 2016

Playboy King and Queen of the Game Fragrance

Let's be honest. The game of seduction is dangerous yet exciting. Everybody wants to be at the top of the game. The game can be intense and the power of attraction is all in the scent. Playboy's latest fragrance for him and her- King and Queen of the Game are the potions of seduction that unleashes the allure of a royalty. 
Who is the Queen of the Game?
Playboy's new fragrances- King of the Game for him and Queen of the Game for her
The King and Queen of the range consist of eu de toilette and deodorant spray. The fragrances aim at young men who wants to metamorph to men with a new level of confidence and young ladies who are acquiring the art of sophistication.
Want to be on top of the game?
Other generations of Playboy Fragrances
The King of the Game is a blue concoction tailored for men which teases the senses with a masculinity that captivates the opposite sex. Blending lemon, cardamom, black pepper, addictive notes of black coffee, Granny Smith apple and Jagerbomb, the fragrance is balanced with a sweet  but subtle tone of vanilla, cedar and patchouli to express the youth of a man.

The Queen of the Game is a pink potion in Playboy's signature round bottle infamously capped with the black bunny ears that tantalizes with sweet and vivacious jasmine sambac, orange blossom, passionflower, coffee and delicious notes of chocolate, Tonka bean, cedar and patchouli.
The latest addition to the brand- King & Queen of the Game
The King and Queen Deodorant Spray is revamped with a technological breakthrough featuring SkinTouch Innovation. The formula is designed to retain freshness and fragrance for 24 hours. The encapsulated fragrance beads are released into the skin and reactivated throughout the day. When the skin is touched, the friction tears the capsule and releases the scent from inside the bead, allowing you to smell fantastic all day especially during skin-on-skin interaction. Its new slidable Play-Pause and On-Off positions ensures lock security and avoid accidental sprays and spills.
Dance performance at the launch of the fragrance
Are you ready to play?
The launch of the new Playboy fragrance
Playboy's signature bottle with bunny ears for her
The King of the Game does appeal to me and would be a scent that I am looking for on a suave man. The scent that just announces confidence in an unpretentious way. The Queen of the Game is great for women who are fans of sweet scents hinted with a touch of sophistication. Suitable for young lasses who have so much innocence yet eager to embrace the sensuality of a woman.
With the emcee of the night Marcus Tan
Life is short. Play.
With sister Evy
Press to play
Playboy's King and Queen of the Game is at major stores and pharmacies nationwide. 
The King of the Game eu de toilette retails at RM39.90 while the Queen of the Game  retails at RM42.90. Both deodorants are at RM18.90 each.
OOTN at Zouk KL 

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