Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stick Arts Cafe @ NU Sentral

There is a new cafe in the city launched recently, just in time to sweeten up Christmas. Stick Arts Cafe is no ordinary dessert store. Its gelatos are one of a kind in Sout East Asia and I am pretty sure it can make just the most grumpy person smile. Made your wife angry? A teddy bear gelato will be your saviour in no time! Scroll down to see what I mean!
Sweet Christmas
Stick Arts Cafe at Level 5 NU Sentral
I must agree with their tagline that 'Gelato Never Looked This Good'. In fact sometimes too good to be eaten. There are more than 50 handcrafted characters on a stick. Each 3D gelato takes 2 days to be made and just minutes to be consumed! There are teddy bears, flowers, minions, Doraemons, Angry Birds, SpongeBobs and more!
Gelato never looked this good- a whole 3D dog gelato!
Interesting hand-made 3D gelato RM12.90
Pretty and yummy 2D design gelatos RM7.90
2D take away RM38.00 for 5 pieces
From left: Strawberry sherbet, oreos (best seller) and green apple yogurt
Chilling with sister Evy
I like the Oreo gelato the best. Its chocolate crust is thick and has enough oreo crumbles to tickle the palate. My sister's pick would be the yogurt gelato which is refreshing with yogurt and fresh fruits waiting to surprise with every bite! Another attraction that will make any girl's heart melt faster than the gelato is the world's first 3D gelato flower in a bouquet. Now that's a literally cool and yummy way to get to your girlfriend's heart.
World's first 3D gelato flower in a bouquet
6 roses RM188/ 12 roses RM288/ 24 roses RM488
Intricate bear bear gelato
Munch on a minion today?
Owl 3D that looks like clay work
There is even PSY in the chiller
Never seen an ice-cream this adorable
I just can't bear to destroy this bear but I had to...starting with the ears
Kimora Jean is the lady behind the crafts of the business. Not only her 3D gelatos are unique, other desserts at Stick Arts are just as special. The cakes and chocolates here have a character of their own.
Kimora Jean, the sweet dessert maker
My absolute favourite is the Hot Chocolate on a Spoon. To be really honest, I crave for it everyday after my first try! It just lifts the mood on a rainy day or perhaps after a lashing from the boss. A lump of dark chocolate at the end of a wooden spoon will dissolve in hot milk or hot water while you stir, releasing little bites of marshmellows and of course the oh-so-delicious dark chocolate. It is the ultimate balm to the soul. Thanks for creating this Kimora!
Hot Chocolate On A Spoon RM15.50 each
RM28.50 per set of milk, white and dark chocolate
Dark chocolate and marshmallows yummy!
Cake in a jar RM9.80
Stick Arts' Cake In A Jar is a contemporary way of eating cakes especially for people on the go. Have it in the car or while waiting for a bus. It certainly blots out the mess of sliced cakes.
Christmas special- New York Cheesecake 
Cakes in Stick Arts are gluten free, made of natural ingredients and colours, suitable for vegans and are fat free which makes tea time guilt free! The shop's Christmas Special, the New York Cheesecake is only available from now till 25th December 2016. The tangy and light cheesecake gives a Fruit Loop feel without being too cloying.
Praline gift set
6 pieces RM38/ 12 pieces RM68/ 25 pieces RM138
Pralines of this brand are also homegrown and has an exclusive feature of their own. Metalic brushed nuggets of chocolates are sure to make an impression as gifts.
Set 1- specialty coffee/ tea+ cake of the day RM13.50
Set 2- Sepcialty coffee/ tea for 2 + cake of the day RM18.50
From 2pm to 6pm
Comes in irresistably cute teapots
Tea only RM12.50 for hot/ RM13.50 for cold
Sip tea while catching up with friends or just snug in your solitude with a book. The tea and coffee choices here are sufficient to please a wide range of personalities. What is attractive is the fashionable teapots that punctuates your gossips during your afternoon tea.
9 Lucaffe brand coffee for you to choose from
Enjoy the coffe of your type from RM7.50-RM30.50
As Stick Arts is located just next to GSC Cinemas in NU Sentral, you don't have to feel the post-movie gloom anymore. These adorable desserts will excite you all over again as you make your way out. Light savoury eats are also available in Stick Arts cafe for those who needs a to anchor their gut with some cooked food.
Seafood carbonara spaghetti RM9.90  
Bulb drinks. This one is called Bitter blue!
This cafe is simply a fun place to be. The interior has a pleasing vibe and its desserts...well, needless to say are enticing to the eye and the sweet tooth. It would make a cheerful place for birthday parties, meet-ups and gatherings or just a little me-time all the same.
Sweeten up your day wih the variety of desserts!
Stressed is desserts spelt backwards

Stick Arts Cafe
L5.12, NU Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Brickfields,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Whatsapp Order: +60193381988

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