Monday, January 9, 2017

Barely There Make-up with Omorose

The barely-there make up has always been my favourite. Other than making people wonder if you are born with it, it gives you a good coat of confidence before you step out of the house. So far, Omorose Cosmetics has done a great job for me for my every day look to office in the day.

Ready to go to work!
Their colours are gracefully beautiful and subtly enhance beauty as if there is no make-up! Omorose is originated right here in Malaysia using natural ingredients with no parabens, no phenoxythanol, no phthalates , no mineral oil or animal ingredients. Omorose is also proudly presented in the 2015 and 2016 Pre-Golden Globe Awards. It is time we believed in our very own homegrown brands!

My Favourite 3 Omorose Products

My favourite applications in the morning for work. Love the sphere packaging of the powder and cheek tint.
They are my magic capsules!

1. Lip Dressing vegan lip balm (Raspberry Smoothie)
This is the first product that made me form an affinity towards this Malaysian brand. The scent smells deliciously sweet, making you feel every bit like a girl while nourishing the lips. The colour can be layered and creates dewy kissable lips. For tan skin like mine, Rasberry Smoothie provides a richer tint but still manages to keep the lips naturally naked.

The oval shape eases application following lip shape
Love the delicious raspberry smoothie scent.
Makes me feel like kissing people early in the morning!
Add some colour to your lips without looking too over the top

2. Rosey Glow cheek tint (England's Rose)
If hanging upside down before you go to work is not your choice of getting rosy cheeks, get a cheek tint. I love this product as it instantly gives me a healthy glowing look. I prefer gel blush tint than powder blusher as it lasts longer and when applied, it is one with your skin, as if the skin is naturally glowing. Apply it on the apple of the cheeks and blend with finger tips. England's Rose is another hue that matches my tan skin perfectly making it look radiant always.

Omorose Rosey Glow cheek tint
Rub some on the apple of your cheeks and blend with fingers. Love the sweet scent.
Adds a hint of healthy glow to the skin

3. Satyn superfine finishing powder (Flawless)
Before leaving the house, I brush a layer of Satyn superfine finishing powder which absorbs oil and keeps the skin looking matte all day. I have extremely oily skin. Therefore it took me a while to find a good finishing powder that keeps my skin fresh all day. I like touching my face (although not encouraged) because like its name suggests, it becomes smooth like satin.

Omorose Satyn Loose Powder which comes in Flawless and Diamond (glitter)
The Diamond Satyn is great for evening events as it adds sparkle to your look
Powder is translucent and matches almost all skin colours
Oh the matte feeling throughout the day

The end result...

My Barely There Make-up to work with Omorose Cosmetics
I am ready for the day!
Omorose Cosmetics is a unique company not only because it is Malaysian with international recognition but also it is a company with compassion. Omorose Cosmetics employs the disabled (vision-impairment, hearing-impairment, wheelchair users, etc) and aim to make their products and counters accessible to allIf you look closely, there is Braille on the packaging. This means that no one is left out in looking beautiful! This company is also open to support and work with those with disability.
Braille prints on the packaging
I hope that Omorose is will continue to grow its range and colours and bring pride to Malaysia as an internationally acclaimed cosmetic brand as it beautifies people around the world.


Other products include BB Stick, eye shadows, design lashes and lipstick.

Omorose Cosmetics is available in Tangs Departmental Stores at 1 Utama and Empire Shopping Centre.

Visit their site at to purchase online and for more information.

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