Monday, January 2, 2017

The Crab Factory @ SS2

There are almost 6500 types of crabs in the world and more than half of those can be eaten. In The Crab Factory alone, you can find 4 kinds of crabs cooked in 4 different sauces 7 interesting sauces now! The famous Crab Factory situated in SS2 where no Petaling Jaya dwellers can miss now has added 3 more sauce flavours in the menu that are more Asian orientated for patrons to enjoy- Spicy Plum, Creamy Lemak and Thai Sambal!

Usher in the New Year 2017 with Jumbo Japanese Sweet Prawns which are on 30% discount until 31st January 2017.
Ready to attack!
The Crab Factory at SS2 which no PJ dwellers can miss
Jumbo Japanese Sweet Prawns in Spicy Plum
These jumbo prawns are also called Amaebi RM59/300g and RM90/500g
Amaebi is the Japanese word for these Jumbo Japanese Sweet Prawns. These Japanese darlings aptly matches the Spicy Plum sauce that brings out the sweetness of the prawns. The translucent sweet, sour and slightly spicy sauce makes the crunchy prawns more appetizing. Sucking the heads of the prawns to savour the sauce is definitely expected of you. The Jumbo Japanese Sweet Prawns (Amaebi) are on 30% off till 31st Jan 2017.

White Prawns in Creamy Lemak sauce
RM39/300g and  RM55/500g
Although the name Creamy Lemak sounds heavy, this sauce is piquant with the fragrance of curry leaves which gives the dish an uplifting taste. Creamy Lemak is recommended with white prawns as how they are suited in curry. Creaminess gives it a satisfying after taste. Approach this sauce with some planning as the cream can be quite filling. 

Yabbies in Thai Sambal sauce
RM52/300g and RM83/500g
The Thai Sambal sauce is for those who cannot live without the 'kick' of Malaysian flavour. The Thai department contributes to its tangyness amidst the spiciness of sambal. The presence of local spices are prominent and suitable with any crustaceans. My choice for the evening, yabbies because according to The Crab Factory fun fact sheet, they are near zero fat and cholesterol!

Seafood Set Meat Crab in mild Signature Southern Bang sauce
RM175 per set (for 2 people)
Meat Crab in medium Signature Southern Bang sauce
L size (600g-700g) RM120/ kg
Of course I did not miss their signature sauce the Signature Southern Bang in mild and medium. The good old Louisiana taste which blends all sweet, sour, salty and spicy garners some regular fans. The unique taste is exclusive to The Crab Factory and guarantees finger and shell-licking experiences. Other existing sauces are Zesty Lemon, Garlic Butter and Jamba- Jamba (tomato base)

Clockwise from top left: Shallot Rice RM5.00
Homemade Garlic Bread RM8.90
Fried Enoki Mushrooms RM8.90
Mini Mantau RM9.00
Articulate your seafood experience also with their side dishes that are given equal attention in the kitchen. Their shallot rice is fragrant and like the mini man tau (chinese bun), lets you relish every bit of the sauce before they roll away those paper on the tables. The Fried Enoki (golden needle mushroom) is something that I would order again. Fried in well seasoned batter, the savoury strands are fun to eat especially when dipped with sauce... any sauce of your choice!
Cannot resist the literal spread on the table. The BIP is essential
The Crab Factory serves scrumptious crustaceans
I noticed that this restaurant not only fills up patrons' bellies but also hearts. At the sides of the restaurant, there are random props and placards that are free to be used for your photo sessions so that you have fun clickin' while you are crackin' those shells!

There are placards and props all around the restaurant for your photo pleasure

The Crab Factory
21, Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya

Opening hours 
Tuesday to Thursday (3pm-11pm)
Friday to Sunday (11am-11pm)
Closed on Mondays

For reservations please call 03-78655850
or do it online at

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