Sunday, February 12, 2017

Burn Those Fat Away with Jonlivia Hot Pants

Oh those kuih kapit, kuih bunga, bak kwa surely comes with a price- price of my waistline that is! I really enjoyed Chinese New Year but help! I urgently need post-Chinese New Year remedy! To my delight, Jonlivia miraculously heard my cries and sent a pair of Jonlivia S+ Batch 9 Full Length Hot Pants to the rescue.
Time to burn off those CNY food
Jonlivia S+ Batch 9 Full Length Hot Pants that comes in a zip bag

Wear these pants and follow these 9 ways to burn fat fast!

5 Reasons Why I Like The Jonlivia Hot Pants

1. The Jonlivia Hot Pants allows me to burn more fat while wearing it compared to regular clothes. Only after a few minutes of donning, I can feel the heat building up. 

Stretching at home before taking the Jonlivia Hot Pants outside
2. Comfortable fabric is one reason I like this pair of pants. It is made of 100% genuine neoprene that not only allows me to sweat more but also to discharge toxic and waste from the body after massive sweating. At the side, Jonlivia also added a stripe of breathable fabric for ventilation and to cool the body.
A strip of breathable air fabric to keep the body cool
Let's take this baby out to the park

3. The Jonlivia Hot Pants is fantastic in accommodating great stretching. The 9th batch is built with stronger waistband, strong and wide stitches on the side and and back so that I can confidently stretch anyway I want. These babies qualify for all kinds of activities like yoga, cycling, water sports and even casual shopping!

Confidently stretching. Great for any stretching activity
No worries about tear
4. Although exercise is towards a mission to burn it all, the best part is being able to snack (a little) after the session. And that cannot be possible without some cash while you are out. Thank you Jonlivia for adding a back pocket where keys, cards and some change can be secured in, keeping your hands free while exercising.
The pants comes with a little pocket behind that is great for keys, cards and a little change (for some snack on the way home hehehe)
Lungsful of fresh air at the park
5. Putting on the Jonlivia Hot Pants makes me look good! And that is one motivation to run more. Fashion and health comes hand-in-hand with this brand. I like the grey stripe at the sides that visually adds the vertical factor. I even wear it while shopping as they look great as leggings under an over-sized shirt and no one knows you are burning fat while shopping!

Hi there! Come join me exercise...fashionably!
Loving my Jonlivia Hot Pants

A few things about the Jonlivia Hot Pants:
  • Recommended wear is up to 4-5 hours. If body permits, some can wear up to 9 hours
  • Try adapting to what the pants can do for 1-2 hours and slowly increase the duration of wear
  • Do handwash the pants in cool water and do not expose to intense heat like ironing
Enjoying nature while I am at it
Living an active lifestyle

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