Thursday, February 23, 2017

Making Perfect Sushi Rolls with Bazooka Sushi

When you want your rice taken in a way that even carb-avoiders would dig in, try wrapping it in seaweed! Sushi rolls always make dining a little interesting. It even earns you bragging rights when you make them by yourself. My ambition to make sushi is finally realized when I got my hands on the Bazooka Sushi. I would love making them with the bamboo mat of course, but when you have untrained hands, it can be at the cost of friends' patience. Else, they would have to take it as supper!
Tonight I want sushi for dinner
A total novice in sushi-making, I STILL managed to churn out dinner with the Bazooka Sushi. That night, my appetite called for crab sticks and mangoes. With this gadget, I realized different versions of sushi rolls are possible. While I used normal rice instead of Japanese sticky rice that night, my friend creatively used pulut and rendang as filling. Super! More fun dinners ahead.
Things I need to make my crab meat mango sushi rolls 
There was no need to even look at the instructions. It was all quite logical and as easy as taking the candy from the baby. Lay all your ingredients in the cylinder and close it before churning out the ingredients on a seaweed sheet.
Spread rice into the cylinder
Put any filling that you like in the middle.
Tonight, my appetite says crab meat and mango!
Just close the cylinder
Close the top so that the ingredients
can be compacted into shape
Bazooka! Ready to churn out my sushi roll

Push the ingredients out on to a sheet of seaweed (Oops! the front part chipped. Should have compacted it more)
Rolling the sushi in the seaweed is the most fun part!
This is when you see your sushi roll taking shape and you smell success other than your delicious sushi fillings.
Looking good! Rolling it up is fun and gives such satisfaction!
Tip: Make sure your knife is sharp to cut through the seaweed
This is to get nice round circles.
Sushi rolls for dinner is ready!
The Bazooka Sushi is thoughtfully created to be dismantled for wash. So when there are squished rice or ingredients in the grooves, do not worry as the gadget can be broken into many parts to be cleaned.
Sushi anytime I want now with Bazooka Sushi
Happy Sushi-rolling!

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