Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Burger & Lobster @ RW Genting

Burger & Lobsters from the UK has arrived in Asia with their first restaurant in the newly opened Sky Avenue in Genting! Those who frequent the UK will no longer have to miss their favourite lobster establishment. The restaurant was founded in 2011 and went back to an artisanal food preparation ethos which saw them specializing in a particular menu done exceedingly well, in this case, burgers and Nova Scotian lobsters.
First Burger & Lobster branch in South East Asia
Live lobsters displayed in the aquarium
Burger & Lobster specializes in premiuim 650-700g fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada which are delivered weekly to the hilltop via KLIA. Lobsters are kept in water tanks and never frozen. I guess the perpetual queue vouches for their freshness too.
Don't say you are not warned. First you have to brave the queue
Hello future meal!
Gargantuan size lobsters, which the restaurant refers to as the Big Boys are 2-4 decades old are also served here. They are quite a remarkable sight in the restaurant when you spot them on nearby tables. Tantamount to eating underwater treasure.
The chic interior of the UK chain restaurant
The Original Wild Live Lobster served steamed RM148 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
I must say that the original steamed lobster captivated my heart the most. Only by plain steaming, can the natural oceanic goodness emerge. Steaming also does not dry out the lobster. In Burger & Lobster, the crustacean is steamed and grilled just enough so that the meat remains tender, springy and sweet. Oh I could repeat the queue all over again thinking of the awesome lobster juice.

The Original Wild Live Lobster served grilled RM148 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
Clawing my meal
If you like it rugged, the grilled lobster is a brilliant choice too. The chefs only flavour the lobsters by controlling the grilling time and let its natural juices speak for itself. Freshness is essence! Each lobster is served with chips, salad and the restaurant's famed lemon and garlic butter.

Chilli Lobster RM148 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
Chili gravy atop a brioche...brilliant!
The Chilli Lobsters entered in a grand pot filled with scrumptious gravy where a whole lobster is macerated in. The chilli gravy is hard to resist with its smooth balance of sweet and savoury with a touch of tangyness. Spice level is enjoyable especially when mopped with a brioche.

The Original Lobster Rolls RM138 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
Do not underestimate lobster meat sandwiched in a toasted brioche roll. Freshness of lobster meat exudes through the light coat of mayonnaise and impresses the taste buds instantly. Juicy lobster chunks are springy leaving the eater with a beautiful textural experience.

The B&L Burger RM138 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
The burgers boast 100% Australian beef with no fillers, prepared to the customer's choice of well done or medium. The patties are served in a custom backed sesame seed brioche bun and will be topped with beef bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, the restaurant's in-house pickles and B&L's secret sauce. The B&L fuses the best of burger and lobster for the fickle-minded. Having said that, I would prefer to taste them separately.

Although the burgers are listed first on the menu, it was obvious that the lobsters stole all the attention. The burger selection ,in my humble opinion, should be left to those who cannot (or in unfathomable rare cases, don't want) to have lobsters.

Get a fancy teh-o ice hanging from a stand with Time Keeper RM21 (member)/ RM24 (non-member)
The truely refreshing Ginger Soda RM21 (member)/ RM24 (non-member)
The every busy kitchen
Banquets and charm of lobster-cage booths
The bar
Price for Big Boy lobsters
Burger & Lobster fan now
Burger & Lobster
Level 1, Sky Avenue,

Opening hours from 11am to 10pm daily on weekdays and 11am to 11.30pm on weekends.
For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

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