Thursday, March 9, 2017

Look Through Glass at The New Awana Skyway@ RW Genting

As if it is not exciting enough to be transported in a cable car, Resorts World Genting now can send you up to a mountain 6000ft above sea level in a glass bottom gondola! Joining holiday destinations like Langkawi, Singapore and Hong Kong, Genting now can boasts their much awaited glass gondola available at the new Awana Skyway. What can be better than an uninterrupted view of the beautiful Titiwangsa range vegetation.
Excitement riding all new glass gondola!
The new cable car at the Awana Transportation Hub to Sky Avenue
Out of the 99 new gondolas, only 10 gondolas are built with glass bottom where visitors can enjoy a birds eye view of the beautiful forest and Twentieth Century Fox World theme park. Departing from the Awana Transportation Hub, the cable car will stop over Chin Swee Temple in 6 minutes from departure, making the place of worship even more accessible and attractive.
Levitating above the forest
Cable cars always excite me no matter how old I am
Enjoy the mist and cool air
Every gondola is fitted with not only one but two life savers- the USB port, allowing visitors to charge their mobile phones for lots more photo taking when they reach the top!
Every gondola is fitted with 2 USB ports 
Totally immersed in the view
The new system is slightly faster, offering a shorter ride than the old Genting Skyway that is 3.4 km long. The cable cars will escalate visitors to 620 meters in a 2.8 km journey that takes 10 minutes. Genting Skyway will be temporarily closed while Awana Skyway is in operation. Both systems will take turns to ferry customers.
It takes 6 minutes to reach the first stop at Chin Swee Temple
Ticket price for standard gondola is RM8 or 5GP for Genting Rewards card members
Express boarding pass can be purchased at RM40
Ticket price for glass floor gondola is RM50 or 40GP for Genting Rewards card members

Awana Skyway opens 7 days a week from 7am- 12 midnight
Visitors can take cabin-sized luggage on board the gondola while larger luggage can be stored at the new Awana Bus Terminal for RM5 for 24 hours

Everything looks so small
Reaching the peak, the newly opened Sky Avenue greets guests with a majestic display of LED screens at the pillars and any vantage points. Sky Avenue allows a satisfying shopping experience by housing all the retails and brands that you can think of. Do check out also their wide food and beverage selection, some of which like Burger & Lobster, Cafes Richard, Malaysian Food Street and Motorino have been reviewed by yours truely. Click on the links to find out more!
The coming phase of Sky Avenue

Extravagant LED screens
New shopping mall at Sky Avenue that has almost every retail and brand that you need
The street that will be flanked by speakeasies
Check out the Burger & Lobster review here
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Food aplenty at Malaysian Food Street
In mood for pizza? Check out Motorino's review here
Feeling dwarfed
I am hooked!
Mom had her fair share of fun too!
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