Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Motorino Pizza @ RW Genting

Outside the 1920s New York styled restaurant, there is always a group of audience peering through the glass window, looking hypnotized by the acrobats of the pizza maker. The brick oven holding wood-fueled flames and fed with handmade pizza never fails to garner attention. One of Genting's most lavish investments, Motorino, ensures that their dedication to pizza is like no other. Although in an American setting, the restaurant commits to serving authentic Italian Neopolitan pizzas.
Pizza time!
Motorino at Sky Avenue Level 1
The New Yorkish styled pizza joint
Pizza made at the open concept kitchen
The process of making pizza is clearly captivating as it constantly attracts a mini group of audience at anytime of the day
Other than the superstar pizzas, there are a selection of antipasti (appetizer) to choose from. In true Italian fashion, antipasti is not about quelling hunger pangs before the main event. Italians know that antipasti set the tone for a meal.
Motorino's Meatballs RM24 (member)/ RM26 (non-member)
Find delight in Motorino's meatballs where balls of ground beef are braised in tomato sauce, pecorino and basil.
Roasted Chicken Wings in lemon RM18 (member)/ RM20 (non-member)
No self-respecting pizzaria is without chicken wings. Motorino offers its roasted variety flavoured with lemon, mint and chilli flakes.
Now lets try some freshly made pizza!
5 Fun Facts About Neopolitan Pizza:

1. Crazy hot! It is cooked in a special wood-fired oven at 800-900 degrees Celsius

2. Timing. Perfect timing for a pizza so that it is not under cooked or overdone is between 60-90 seconds and well rotated.
Margherita RM47 (member)/ RM52 (non-member)
Amatriciana Pizza RM48 (member)/ RM53 (non-member)
3. Soft and chewy crust. Unlike crispy American pizza crusts, the Neopolitan ones are soft and chewy due to specific finely milled pure wheat flour with no additives

4. Good balance between crust, sauce and cheese. The Neopolitan pizza strikes a balance between these three. So forget the over the top cheesyness.
Cherry Stone Clam Pizza RM53 (member)/ RM58 (non-member)
5. A typical Neopolitan pizza is about 12 inches in diameter. Just nice for one!
Pizza party!
Cutlery is taboo in pizza eating. To appreciate pizza in the bona fide way, use hands. Pick the pizza up with your thumb and forefinger, bringing the crust where it is held to a V-shape. Then fo for that cheesy pull before you dig in all the goey goodness! Buon appetito!
Pizza has to be eaten folded with hands
Motorino Pizza
Level 1, Sky Avenue.

Opening hours is from 10am to 10pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 10am to 12 midnight (Friday, Saturday, Public Holiday and Eve of Public Holiday)

For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

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