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Hock Kee's Fook Chow Red Wine Mee Suah @ Lot 10 Hutong

Before leaving Fook Chow, China, Madam Gong's mother recieved a jar of her mother's Fook Chow red rice wine as a goodbye gift. Forever separated from her family ever since, cooking the Fook Chow red wine mee suah was how she relived her memories of her origin. The love for her home translated into mastering not only the art of making red wine mee suah (rice noodle) but also other Fook Chow dishes.
Cooked with chicken, its broth is certainly appetizing

Madam Gong who inherited the recipe of Fook Chow dishes from her late mother
Getting good Fook Chow red wine mee suah usually involves travelling to Setiawan Perak. It is a must have dish when you visit that part of Malaysia. Travellers to Pangkor and Lumut would also be recommended to make a lunch or dinner stopover at Setiawan because the dish is rare anywhere outside that town. Now, it is here in Lot 10 Hutong!
The mother-daughter team, Madam Gong and Jeassy
Hock Chew Claypot Red Vinasse Chicken Mee Suah RM15.00
Although unabashedly in bright crimson, the aroma of the Hock Chew Claypot Red Vinasse Chicken Mee Suah is the harbinger of its arrival. Simmering in a claypot, I could not stop taking whiffs of its smell, redolent of red vinase a.k.a. red wine. I cannot help but keep stuffing spoonfuls of the scrumptious soup into my mouth during intervals of slurping up my mee suah. The fermentation of the wine naturally balances sweetness and sourness. When cooked with chicken, the broth is appetizing in a special way. Ginger tactfully boosts the fragrance of the pot of soup. Parents can be rest assured that the dish is safe for children as there is no alcohol content in it. In fact, it has its own nutritional values too.

Guess what, this Red Wine Mee Suah sells out during lunch time! 

The dried thick and thin mee suah can be bought here too
Deliciously red, but it won't wait for you whole day. It sells out fast.
Hock Chew Dried Mee Suah RM10.50
As a wholesaler of mee suah, Hock Kee has lots of opportunity to vary their mee suah menu. While usually mee suah is immersed in soup, they have theirs seasoned in dark sauce too. Observe the al dente texture of the Hock Chew Dried Mee Suah. Accompanying the strands of noodles are home made tau fu pok with filling.

Hock Chew Red Vinasse Pork Rice RM11.00
I surrender to the Hock Chew Red Vinnase Pork! This dish sent me to cloud nine. Pork cutlets glisten with a coat of thick red wine sauce. Pop one in the mouth and close your eyes to savour the smokey hints of red wine flavour embedded in the meat.
Their red wine pork is divine!
Home-cooked Braised Pork Rice RM13.00
The dark sauce gravy of the Hock Chew Braised Pork  is too good to not be eaten with rice. The savoury seasoning of the tender meat is perfected with generous amounts of garlic. Definitely makes a satisfying lunch for me.

Hock Chew Peanut Soup RM5.00
Now the Fook Chow Peanut Soup is a rarity that is usually only made for home consumption. To make it even more uncommon, only in kitchens of Fook Chow families. For RM5.00, we can now enjoy the nutritious dessert boiled with peanuts, longan and red dates. This bowl of traditional Chinese dessert is soothing and calming with chunks of peanuts to munch on. 
Madam Gong's pot of peanut soup is limited everyday
Hock Chew Fish Ball Soup (4 pcs) RM9.00
You most probably have eaten fishballs with meat filling and thought it is a luxurious version of fishball. Little did we know, it is a Fook Chow clan heritage! Each fishball is springy and envelopes a bit of minced pork with tasty broth inside. So be careful not to spill the soup when you bite!
If you see fishball with meat filling, it is the Fook Chow style
Lot 10 Hutong
Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
Food Court Lower Ground Floor,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Opens 10am-10pm 

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