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What to Eat in New Imbi Market (ICC Pudu) @ Kuala Lumpur

If you want to know the definition of 'variety' in Malaysia, check out the new Imbi Market (ICC Pudu). There is almost nothing you cannot find here and something for every appetite in terms of Chinese hawker food. If you are in the mood for some Chinese breakfast and too indecisive that morning, just hop on the STAR LRT. Walk 15 minutes or so and let the fated stall pick you by the nose. Unless you have a never ending gut, one trip is definitely not enough to say you have tried the best food here.
The sea of people enjoying breakfast at ICC
The huge grey complex is indeed home to so many hawker stalls that the sight of them can be paralyzing. All my senses were pricked when I entered. My eyes grew larger as they bounce from one hawker stall to another. My ears picked up all the sizzling and clanking of woks. Despite my excitement, I felt that the ventilation definitely needed some work. As I went inner into the food court, the air was stuffy and could pass as a sauna! I ended up seating closer to the entrance.
The old Imbi market has shifted to the Integrated Commercial Complex (ICC) 
Kaya Butter Toast, Soft Boiled Eggs and Local Coffee
This is one of my favourite Malaysian breakfast. The old village taste of the simple kaya and butter toast followed by the slurp of the soft boiled eggs is unwarrented. After that, finish off with sweet sips of the aromatic local coffee. There is one stall at the corner particularly busy with the toaster. He even had newspaper clippings of what I believe to be review of his food on the wall of his stall. When compared with other stalls, indeed, his toasts were crispier. Another talk of the town is Ah Weng Koh's toasts and Hainanese coffee. I will have to try them the next round.
This toast stall seems like the popular one
The classic Malaysian breakfast. Perfect!
Put Zai Gou (Earthen Bowl Cake) and other Chinese Sweet Cakes
This one is a delight to see! The traditional Chinese sweet and sticky cakes are still made in these tea cups here. I recommend the pandan flavour as it is more fragrant than the brown sugar ones. Usually eaten on a stick, these cakes reminds me of the way Hong Kong people like their tea time. This place won't miss out other Chinese kuihs (cakes) like ang ku kuih (red cake with bean filling), jin dui (rice balls) and layered cake.
The traditional put zai gou (earthen bowl cake)
Chinese cakes and sweets
Imbi Road Pork Noodle
This pork noodle stall became famous when the market was still in Jalan Imbi. For pork noodle lovers like myself, this stall is on my must-eat list. The broth is clear yet sweet with essence of pork. An additional egg simply made my whole weeekend. 
The famous Imbi Ming Kee pork noodle store
Enjoying my bowl of pork noodles
Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun
One of the most prominent things of the food court is the beeline in front of Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun. Their curry gravy is said to be worth the wait. Not knowing that earlier, I chose their sweet sauce and found it to be nothing out of the ordinary. Their fish filling is quite meaty with fish flesh though. Another item on my list the next visit!
The queue at Ah Fook chee cheong fun stall
The long awaited plate of chee cheong fun
Bunn Choon Egg Tart Stall
Another stall worth mentioning is Bunn Choon's egg tart stall. Even without my mention here, you will surely be tempted to try when, again, you see their queue. The egg filling is silky and smooth. However, it was not as fragrant as I thought it would be. They did quite a good job with their pastry though. 
The crowd at Bunn Choon egg tart stall
Original egg tart and charcoal egg tart
On the first floor, are fruit and vegetable stalls and also stores that sell household items. Perambulating the floor after a heavy breakfast is enjoyable. The market was just 11 months old when I visited it. It still smelled of fresh cement and paint while accommodating occupants that have been long trading in Jalan Imbi.
Fruit stalls at ground floor
Who needs glasses when you have magnifying glass. Look out for quirks at the market!

Intergrated Commercial Complex (ICC)

Jalan Kijang, Pudu, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur

03-2111 1111

Opens everyday 9am-6.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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