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Paragliding at Jugra

Humans relentlessly try to break barriers. We are never going to be satisfied being just on land. We create things to make us survive in water like fish and fly as if we are birds.

My latest adventure brought me to the sky again. You might have seen my video when I went skydiving in Houston. Both skydiving and paragliding are done in the sky but they are definitely different.

Watch my skydiving experience at 
Paragliding is something you have to try once in your life
First of all, paragliding is not as nerve-wrecking as skydiving. (That could give you some relief)

Second of all, my experience of skydiving gave me the impression that it is more about falling ruggedly from a plane. Paragliding on the other hand is a form of unpowered flying and it is the art of keeping afloat in the air.

When sky is our playground
Little did I know that Selangor itself is home to some pretty good paragliding locations. Bukit Jugra is one paragliding site with good wind, convenient take off and landing points that has been attracting international flyers for training. The Jugra wind is said to be WILD. If you can maneuver you way at Jugra, other flying arenas are yours to conquer!

Paragliding at Jugra is gaining popularity as an adventurous weekend activity among Malaysians but I think we can do better than that!
Checked in Hotel Impian Morib
This is where the courses are done most of the time
To start with or for leisure, you can fly in tandem with an instructor and if you find yourself falling in love with the sport, take it to the next level by learning to fly solo which is a pretty awesome skill to have!
To fly from zero to solo, one must go through the Student Pilot Course
Student Pilot Course to fly SOLO

Course duration: 
4 days x 10 solo flights (If you cannot attend 4 days in a row, arrangements can be made)

Provided full equipment support during the course
1x tandem flight with instructor
Basic introduction to equipments
Wind and site orientation
Canopy inflation, control and deflation
Pre-flight equipment check
Basic techniques in glider control
Practical examination by conductor

Price: RM2600 (price may vary according to season)
Safety is of utmost importance
If you want to do it for leisure, you can always call the contact below to fly tandem (flying with instructor) which leaves all the flying responsibility to the instructor while you just awe at the experience and take photos in the sky!

Those interested for tandem flight can call En Farul 013-6666690

Price can range from RM180-RM220
Ready to take what we learnt in the classroom outside
Remember to slap on lots of sunblock
When embarking on a sport like this, it not difficult to figure out that sunblock is necessary for the health of your skin whether you are a guy or girl. The miracle of paragliding comes from the SUN. Heat is needed for keep you buoyant in the sky. This and more interesting information will wow you when you chat with your instructor. So don't expect this activity to be done on a cloudy day.
Ground handling is when you check your equipment
Paragliding is not motorized and is the simplest way of aircraft. Although it is said that paragliding  follows the course of the wind, controlling the situation to the advantage of the flyer is a skill that needs experience. 

Making decision on your own, acquiring knowledge in aerodynamics, weather, equipment, safety procedures and adhering to anti-collision rules makes paragliding a challenging sport with a bird's eye view!
Learning the ropes with Dr Elisa
Watch my paragliding experience at 
Inflating the wings
Mohammad Zubair
Youngest paraglider at 9 years old
Malaysian Book of Records
Bukit Jugra, a fantastic paragliding site in Malaysia that we should be proud off
At Jugra's top
Look at the picturesque view
Dr. Elisa gliding in the air. Truely inspiring. 
Ready with loads of enthusiasm
Waiting for the right wind window
I just cannot believe it!
Watch my paragliding experience at 

Dr. Elisa signing my shirt
With a flying sites like Jugra, Malaysia should use it to her advantage to hatch more paragliders to compete in international platforms. And to those who cannot get enough of adrenaline, give paragliding a go!

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