Sunday, April 1, 2018

Signature by the Hill @ The Roof

As the sun retired and the moon took over, steady streams of red taillights started to emblazon the dusky landscapes. Beside the red glows, parallel ribbons of orange lights formed concurrently from the vehicles in the opposite direction. Although I empathize with the motorists, there is something pleasurable about traffic viewed from high above. As I cast my eyes through the next glass pane, I caught a clear sight of the pride of the nation bathing in illumination beside KL Tower.

Nestled at The Roof of First Avenue in Bandar Utama, Signature by the Hill has earned its prestige among those who are not seeking for ordinary dining. The restaurant's vantage point, overlooking the bustling Petaling Jaya metropolis and beyond, was the reason for my visit.

Signature by the Hill at The Roof
Although the eatery seems catered for the upper crust, my dining experience provided comfort that it won't be too extravagant for patrons who have the penchant for elegance and dining with a view. Service here is always with a smile and commendable attentiveness.

The restaurant's romantic ambiance helped it win my vote for top places that melts a lover's heart. Soft lights imbuing from corners of its oval space and an exclusive atmosphere could just be the catalyst for her to say yes!

Elegant setting
Unimpeded view through the ceiling-high window panes
Soft glows
After being impressed by its interior, I was ready to try what the bar and kitchen could offer. Signature by the Hill has always been proud of their creative selection of cocktails that can make any visit celebratory. 

Watermelon Slush RM40
The charmingly carved half watermelon, filled with a sprightly concoction of vodka, Midori, lychee liqueur and of course watermelon juice, refreshes the soul. With enough slush to be slurped by more than one person, this drink is definitely a merrymaker.

Coco's Nutz RM28
It is not difficult to trick yourself into believing that you are on a tropical island by sipping on Coco's Nutz, a smooth blend of Malibu, rum, banana liqueur and coconut cream served in a coconut shell. 

Signature by the Hill famed for its hipster presentation of spirits
When the sun is wound down and the sky dims
Warm glow inside the restaurant
Ready for my dinner
Soup of the Day (Mushroom soup) RM16
Starting with good old mushroom soup, the tummy warmer had mushroom chunks for enjoyable nibbling and well-creamed viscosity. The soup of the day changes daily.

Chili Clams RM16
Their Chili Clams is a good choice to stimulate the palate, as the bucket of fresh and juicy shellfish is stewed with herbs, chili and garlic oil. The bucket is also redolent of lemongrass and ginger for the Southeast Asian appetite. This choice can be adequate for 2-3 persons. 

Mushroom Carbonara RM38
The pasta arrived in a whimsical presentation of a flying fork. The Musroom Carbonara is satisfactory with an assortment of wild mushrooms with speckles of turkey ham sauteed in olive oil, herbs, garlic and cream. Those with an inclination towards richer textures will find this dish likeable. However, do remember it can very well take up space in the gut!

Dessert Platter of the Month RM28
Lychee and rose cake, peaches and cream tart, strawberry pavlova and mixed berry mousse
End the dining experience on a sweet note with the Dessert Platter of the Month which is delightful to have while savouring the spectacular view of the city. My favourite would be the strawberry pavlova as my spoon kept finding its way back to the crispy base.

This April, use the promo code: SIGNATUREEWENHOOI to enjoy a FREE Dessert Platter with a minimum purchase of 2 main course!

Verdict- worth visiting for special occasions or when you just want to give yourself a good treat!
Think you have impressed your date much? Take the date up a notch by heading to Stratosphere after dinner.

Seafood selection
Choose your oysters at Shucked
Signature's selection of wine and champaign
Bulgogi set RM30 for those who cannot escape the craving for rice or a simpler meal

For reservations at Signature by The Hill, call tel: 03-7725-3588. 
Address: The Roof, Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
Visit their website at and

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