Friday, August 9, 2019

Detoxing the Body with MinTox- After 3 months

As a foodie, when I crave for specific food, like the taste of the spicy sambal on piping hot nasi lemak, I would brave the heat and traffic jam just to go on rounds at the parking lot to get my hands on it. After I have settled that, I might spot a char kuey tiao stall that so happens to be a famous one too. So to maximize the worth of my efforts coming out, I would order a small plate. Now that there is no where to escape the burgeoning boba tea shops, I would most probably quench my thirst with a cup of boba tea. With the help of some guilt, I will make it a sugar-free one.

So what is next after my epicurean episodes?

A nap, some might say. A good idea but a clean bowel always gives me more satisfaction!
I don't eat like that all the time, but we all can relate to those gluttony situations. And, the most uncomfortable feeling is the bloating after all the eating. A good detox is what I need so that I can repeat the pleasure of eating!

When it comes to cleaning the bowels, I resort to MinTox. One sachet at night and I am sure to defecate by morning. Because of its sweet peach taste, I actually look forward to it every night.

After tearing MinTox sachets for three months, I find that I am more energetic. Intestines are flushed, pulling out impurities that clog the path of nutrient absorption. Nutrient intake is more efficient, making my efforts for a balanced meal more worth while.

I am also loving feeling like a feather every day. Confidence literally comes from within when there is nothing weighing me down.

Accumulation of toxins in the body can cause complexion to dull. With regular detoxing, my complexion improved too. If only I knew detoxing can do the trick earlier.

However, I do not take it as often as I like as the psyllium husk it contains will make toilet visits excessive. I also have to be mindful of the time that I chug down the product as I have to MUST ensure that I am accessible to a lavatory 8 hours after. The product is so effective that there is no muscle contraction strong enough to keep in what it wants to expel. This makes it perfect for those who are suffering from constipation.
My consumption every other night keeps me happy enough. As it is all natural, taking it in the long run does not worry me. To see how to take MinTox, read here.

Note: Although MinTox is an effective way to detox, overeating is not recommended. 

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