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Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier + 5-in-1 HEPA filter

I decided to make my home a little closer to a sanctuary with an investment of an air purifier. With pollution and the incessantly variating viruses, adding a lung in the home is a way to protect my family. While we cannot see air, low quality air will definitely make its presence felt through dull complexion, lack of quality sleep and malaise. So if it is encouraged to have plants at home to purify air, why not go all out with an air purifier!

One of the most taken for granted things in life is the air we breathe. We might think we are out of harm's way when we reach home but we cannot be too sure especially when highways and constructions are getting closer and closer to our homes. Microbes and particles will somehow find their way to our homes when we return from outside. Particles invisible to the naked eye can be the cause of unexplainable conditions like sudden skin irritation and unsmooth breathing on top of more evident situations like pet odour and smoke residue from outside although we don't smoke!

I was searching for a system that is able to filter not only fine particles but also airborne microorganism. I came across the Cosmo Pro air purifier which is able to not only filter air pollutants like pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke but also Covid-19 virus with its 5-in-1 HEPA Filter. Being able to filter out Covid-19 in the air in my home is a major plus point to bring this cylinder home. It has a coverage of up to 100m² which is equivalent to 1076sqft. Quiet and power saving, Cosmo Pro takes care of the concerns of owning an air purifier.

Below are the details of the Cosmo Pro Air Purifier for those who are interested to know more.

Product width: 29 cm
Product height: 58 cm
Product weight: 6.9kg
Clean Air Delivery Rate: 600m³/h
All products qualify for a 5-year warranty if the terms & conditions are met.

Check out for more info and to order. There is a 20-day free trial that you can take advantage of.

Bringing home a Cosmo Pro to improve living quality

 Cosmo Pro not only filters harmful particles but also disinfects circulating air.

1. Neutralize pet odour
2. Improves breathing 
3. Better skin complexion
4. Quiet so that you can sleep like a baby. Noise: As low as 20 decibels for sleep mode

Clean fresh air also increases focus. So if you are lacking concentration, you might want to check the air in your home. 

Filters 99.97% of airborne particles

AI Technology
Enjoy a peace of mind knowing the exact air quality of your home. Using a unique AI laser developed by our R&D team, our PM2.5 Sensor is able to detect fine particles at an increased accuracy of 99.9%. When connected to WiFi, the system can reference outdoor data to provide a more comprehensive air quality analysis.

UVC Disinfection
The powerful inner chamber UVC Lamp kills microbes, disinfects in just a few minutes and cleans circulating air continuously. UVC radiation damages the DNA of harmful matter including Covid-19.The lamp itself has a shield so that users are kept 100% safe

Cosmo Pro is built with powerful motors that a single product can purify every corner of the home of up tp 100m², at a CADR rate of 600m³/h. 

Saves energy and money
To those worried about the power consumption of an extra contraption at home, worry not as Cosmo Pro purifies particulate matter with minimum effort and energy required, thanks to a precise AI-powered PM2.5 Sensor.  Power: 60W

Outer structure 
Cosmo’s aerodynamic design allows for 360° air purification even in areas with poor ventilation or air flow. Its strong outer structure also provides for a longer lasting, more durable air purifier that is highly resistant against any potential physical damage.

Zero-Pressure Touch Panel
Adjust preferred settings with just one gentle touch on our responsive LED screen display

3 Fan Speed Control
Choose from 3 different fan speeds, with sleep mode having only a noise level of 20dB

Child Lock Function
Keep your little ones safe as well as prevent unwanted changes to settings

To order, go to 

West Malaysia
Free delivery to doorstep within within 6 – 8 business days.
Express Delivery is also available at RM150. Order before 12pm to enjoy delivery within the next 3 days. (Excluding Sat/Sun & Public holidays)

East Malaysia
Delivery areas in the East are still completely free. 

PM 2.5 counter
WIFI activation
Produces anions
Night light function
UVC lamp
Filter replacement indicator
Light-based air quality indicator (red, green, blue)
Child lock
3 Fan speeds
Sleep mode
Smart timer
LED display panel

It is recommended for you to change the 5-in-1 HEPA filter every 1-1.5 years, depending on air quality and usage! The first purifier comes with a FREE 5-in-1 HEPA filter.

Filter layers: 
  1. Pre-filter Intercept large suspended particles like hair, dust, lint and fur
  2. Cosmo Anti-Bac Shield 
  3. H13 HEPA filter Remove micron particles and block bacteria, pollen, pet dander and dust mite
  4. Active Carbon filter Neutralises odours in the air, absorbs formaldehyde
  5. Photocatalyst filter

The Pre-filter is designed to sieve out the largest particles first including hair, dust, lint and fur. Designed using Cosmo’s patented unique filter fabric, it prevents wear and tear hence maintains pore size. This makes for a much stronger filtration efficiency for an extended period of time

Cosmo anti-bac shield
This Cosmo Anti-Bac Shield filter specifically suppresses growth of bacteria by using anti-bacterial technology to provide the most effective filtration. Thus, reducing your chance of infections and allergic reactions.

H13 medical grade HEPA filter
Specifically engineered to remove micron particles and block bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and finer particles. The HEPA filter is able to capture almost any size of air pollutant.

Activated carbon
These air filters are made from small pieces of charcoal – generally in a granular or powdered block form – which are extremely porous. The pores in these carbon blocks can absorb a very large number of contaminants. Cosmo’s specially engineered activated carbon layer neutralises odours in the air, and absorbs formaldehyde that’s commonly found in homes – in gas stoves, wood products, even your walls & floor.

Photocatalyst filter
Innovatively designed to use light energy to kick-start a process that turns all kinds of bad air pollutants into harmless substances. Germs, viruses and bacteria are broken down by the electrostatic and oxidisation effects of the electrons generated from the Photocatalyst Filter, keeping your home healthy and safe.

CE Certified
Cosmo meets European Union standards for health, safety & environment protection under the Radio Equipment Directive

Cosmo complies with EU’s Directive, the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHs)

Certified product safety for electrical and electronic equipment, devices and components under the CB Certification

Cosmo meets quality & safety checks and is in compliance with Chinese GB standards

Healthier living with Cosmo Pro Air Purifier

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