Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Celebrating CNY with Old Master Q @ Resorts World Genting

I remember looking forward to trips to the salon with my mother not because of a new haircut at the end but because the faithful stacks of Lau Fu Tze comics. Old Master Q, as he is known in English, has touched many hearts since 1962. The elderly, skinny and bespectacled man perpetually dressed in typical traditional Chinese attire is joined by his close friends, Big Potato, Mr Chin, Miss Chan and the other regulars to bring you the best of Chinese New Year in their show at Resorts World Genting this Monkey year!
My father and I with mascots of Old Master Q at Resorts World Genting
Happiness has always been a very popular wish. Fans can expect a big dose of laughter and lots of nostalgia when they meet the quirky Old Master Q in their Chinese New Year Comedy Show held at Genting from 6th February- 29th February. It is said that the formula has not changed over the years although the comic stays relevant with the modern world. Children and adults alike will be reminded of the dos and don'ts of Chinese New Year.
Enter the World of Lao Fu Tze at Resorts World Genting
Old Master Q and his bestie Big Potato
To celebrate the upcoming show in Genting, there is Hong Kong Old Street Decoration Booth at Universal Walk where scenes are taken right out from the comic book. Old Master Q's posters and merchandise are omnipresent. Photo opportunities are aplenty to satisfy your predilection  for vintage charms- which is the reason why I not only went once, but twice!
Walking down Old Street evokes the liking for olden charms
Olden bird cages exudes its own character
Trishaw will transport you back to the past where no highways and LRTs exist
Big Potato, you look like the kind of person I'd like to bring on my bike
Ticketing counter at olden days cinema
Lao Fu Tze and his allies
My second round of Old Master Q
And what does the future hold for me?
Old Master Q is known for his cheekiness
Curry fishballs!
Traditional herb shops that contributed to the people's health
Lao Fu Tze shirts for sale
Lao Fu Tze merchandise
Old Master Q comic characters
Best friends at work
Catch the Old Master Q show for CNY festive entertainment this year!

The shows will be held from 12pm to 12.30pm, 5.30pm to 6pm, and 8pm to 8.30pm, from 6th to 29th February with Old Master Q and his cool gang.
For more information, please call 03-27181118 or click on www.rwgenting.com

Art Exhibition at First World Hotel
While you are at the peak, do remember to take a stroll at the lobby of the largest hotel in the world from now till 31st March 2016. Feast your eyes with artworks by 25 talented artists from Sweden, Indonesia, Qatar, Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia. By artists, we mean children from as young as 2 years!
"Everyone Can Paint, Paint from Our Heart" Exhibition at First World Hotel
Be amazed by how painting is the international language for all these little Picassos. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. Interpret and imagine to your hearts content with these splashes of colours. See what these pure-hearted youngsters have to say with brush and paint. 
Be amazed by art pieces by these little artists
The art exhibition is held in conjunction with the opening of the newly set up annex lobby that serves as a platform for talented artistic people to showcase their works to visitors from all over the world.

By Delaney Ng born 2009 (7 yrs) Malaysian
By Wee Zhong Shin born 2012 (3 yrs) Malaysian
By Philip Wong born 1968 (48 yrs) Malaysian
By Yung Mu Jein born 2010 (6 yrs) Malaysian
And the youngest artist featured is...
Zoey Ng Zhen Yi born 2014 (2 yrs) Malaysian
For more information, please call 03-27181118 or click on www.rwgenting.com

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