Saturday, February 6, 2016

Plants I Adopted from AirAsia's Green24 Movement

I am seeing green lately. So much so that I am growing sprouts right from my head! My favourite airlines, AirAsia, held its #Green24 community event on the 29th and 30th January 2016 offering opportunities to be educated, to recycle and of course to bring home free plants!
Shoots are growing from my head
The event was held at APW @ Bangsar, previously a printing plant which has been transformed into an eclectic event space with an industrial concept.
Air Asia's #Green24 movement
Participating partners like the Tzu Chi Foundation disseminated its worthy cause to create awareness about charity through recycling. Their genuine intention is testified though their efforts in producing products for the needy via unwanted items like plastic bottles and carton boxes. Useless mineral water bottles are incarnated into warm blankets for the poor and many more. Click here for more info on the Tzu Chi Foundation.
Tzu Chi Foundation segregating wastes for recycle
Did you know blankets can be made out of recycled PET bottles?
It is interesting how environmental friendly we can get if we wanted to. If we gave it a thought, there is an organic cure for everything. Organic pesticides for example, are made of vinegar and fruit peels. Smells great and yet organic. The campaign managed to knock some resolution in me to try to use less synthetic materials and resort to natural solutions.
Organic pesticides from vinegar
The Free Tree Society was also there to lobby the interest of planting trees among the crowd. Green is always a relaxing and soothing colour to look at. For me, it really does lower the angst and stress. I have always been a fan of greenies other than having them on my dinner plate. Click here for more info on the Free Tree Society.
Free plants from Free Tree Society
In the end, I decided to adopt these two darling saplings- a coleus plant which produces beautiful coloured leaves and a vegetable plant to learn the meaning of reap what you sow.
We brought them home and potted them instantly. It is quite different when you actually own the plant, watch them grow from a sapling and care for them like your own offspring. Some say that if you talk to your plants, they will thrive even more!
How to plant a tree

Plants do so much for us quietly. They remind us to be more organic and just takes us away from the concrete jungle for just a little while. We sow hopes for these two saplings to add a fresh breath of life in our hectic rut. These humble organisms are facing competition with modern development. It is time to appreciate them again.
Finally, chose these 2 babies

I can't wait for the coleus to prosper into a charismatic adornment in our home and the Brazilian spinach to be appreciated as part of a delicious meal by family and friends. Stay tuned to see how well they are doing!

Our coleus (left) and Brazilian spinach (right)

All across Malaysia, all AirAsia offices conducted activities such as beach, park and hill cleanups as well as recycling drives to further promote good environmental habits among staff and the public. Thai AirAsia staff held a community beach cleanup while offices in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia held educational programs about recycling.

For the full list of #GREEN24 activities throughout the region, visit or follow the #GREEN24 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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