Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Style It Your Way With YFS Concept Store

This is one clothes reservoir that you can add to your to-go list to gratify your fashion needs especially this Chinese New Year. YFS Concept Store has been established since 1980 and has proliferated to more than 50 outlets nationwide. YFS which stands for Young, Fabulous and Sassy offers fashion and styling options for both male and female comprehensively. When I walked into the store, my eyes grew wide at the broad range of apparels and accessories that can accommodate many characters, body shapes and skin complexions.
YFS Concept Store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya
Chinese New Year is the perfect reason to embark on a shopping frenzy which made my trip to the YFS Store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya an exhilarating one! The store is a fashion playground. This year, the brand has revamped its fashion line to the Korean fashion street concept with a new tagline "Style It Your Way" which I happily obliged. 
Ladies apparel
Apparel for men
During the "Style It Your Way with YFS" launch in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, YFS made sure we were dolled up with make-up booths and a photo shoot corner.
Prettying up with some make up
Getting myself face-ready
Clothes fitting came faithfully after make up. Although clothes fitting can be quite troublesome to me (with the repeated dressing on and off), I always enjoy the reward of finally getting the right fit and match. Another less told fact about fitting is that I easily get distracted with the mirror and end up examining my face. What about you? Do you always find fitting fun?
Love the half transparent skirt but mom won't like it all black and grey for CNY
This combination looks pretty casual and decent but not stylish enough for my liking
After several trials, I took home with me a Yin Yang set consisting of an airy 3/4 pants which gives abundant comfort (especially during the CNY heat) without compromising on style and a white embroidered sleeveless blouse which is minimalist yet classy- versatile with other pieces in my closet. Combined, they clad me with elegance while their simplicity give me lots of room to play with accessories.
Ah perfect! Balancing the Yin and Yang
White Sleeveless Blouse RM49.90
Sandy Dark Blue 3/4 Pants RM59.90 
YFS provides an assortment of interesting clothes with good cut and in various colours. I especially like the fact that fashion from YFS does not come with a big price tag. Materials used are of quality and it gives me the confidence that I will not be looking like I sourced them from a RM10 rack at market. YFS clothing line, however, is best suited for the young, like its brand suggests. One thing that I always believe in regardless of brands is to get adventurous with fashion before its too late! Youth is an asset with a due date.
Jeans of various cuts. I got mine for only RM39.90

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Evy Hooi

L1-23, 24 & 25, 1st Floor, IOI City Mall, 
Lebuh IRC Resort City, 
62502 Putrajaya, Sepang, Selangor.

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