Sunday, May 8, 2016

Maybelline 'Make It Happen'- Meet and Greet with Tuti

Hey sisters! No matter how lousy you think you look, remember that there is no ugly women in the world...only lazy ones! Every woman is beautiful in their own way. So get off the couch and do something! For a start, try makeup.
Meet and greet Tuti
Before I met Maybelline, I always depended on wishful thinking to feel beautiful- wished my nose was sharper or my eyes were bigger etc. Then it dawned upon me that no one else but myself who should Make It Happen! A simple touch of a lipstick or a flick of the eyeliner not only can prettify me but give me a boost of confidence. Maybelline has always been there for me whenever I feel under the weather. Therefore, when Maybelline launched its new tagline "Make It Happen", I became a true advocate because it does not appear to be only a marketing catchphrase but a strong message to all ladies.
Beautiful colours by Maybelline
As a model, Tuti from Asia's Next Top Model Season is one with make up. She 'makes it happen' with make up. During the meet and greet session at Watsons Paradigm mall, she disclosed that make up tantamount to her career. What is your IT? Whether it is to be confident at work, to look gorgeous at a dinner or to impress your husband the IT you are looking for can be achieved with Maybelline. You define your own IT and Make It Happen! 
Interview with Tuti
Reknowned celebrity make up artist and creative director Steven Sunny was also present. He intuitively gave Tuti a bold look that matched her black suit. His distress about Malaysian women's 'malas-ness' (laziness) and 'salah-ness' (mismatching) in being presentable is the duress of his career in hopes of correcting their appearance. 
Professional make-up artist Sunny working on Tuti
Sunny explaining how make-up can transform your looks
Vanity should not be negatively viewed, according to Steven Sunny. Vanity is part of the drive to make oneself presentable and being presentable should never be neglected as first impressions can win many unexpected opportunities.
Tuti's bold look
Make It Happen girls!
With Elisha Sandha (Yup, Fasha Sandha's little sister)
During the session, Steven Sunny imparted good make up tips that were technical and proved his prowess in the industry. I took the opportunity to ask how should single-eyeliders wear their make up. He encouraged to not give up if you have small and oriental eyes. Go bold on eyeliner and use pencil eyeliner to smudge and create a shadow instead of a sharp line. We should not use multiple colours on the lids as there is no crease to define the eyes. To make the session sweeter, he threw in a compliment on my eyebrows that framed my almond-shaped eyes.
The single eyelid make-up. Go monoliders!
For single-eyeliders, there IS a way to wear eyeshadow and liners. They can be no less alluring than double-liders. Wait up for my single-eyelid make up tutorial to know how!
I have always loved Maybellines collection of colours
So ladies, in a nutshell, the source of your so called ugliness can only be your laziness. Discard it and discover a more beautiful and confident you! Make It Happen and conquer the world!

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