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Stingless Bee Farm @ Bentong

It has been estimated by scientists that if bees were to suddenly extinct, humans would also go extinct within seven years as agriculture, forests and the entire food pyramid collapses in turn. My trip to the Stingless Bee Farm in Bentong exposed me to the world of bees that humbled me. Nature's power is coded in such an amazing manner that left me amused.
At the Bee Farm @ Bentong
If you are in Bentong, do not miss the chance to visit the The Melipoly Bee Farm which is just a 2-minute drive away from Bilut Adventure Park and in the compounds of Valley Agro Park. 1 1/2 hours' drive away from Kuala Lumpur, there is a farm that rears stingless bees. 
You must be wondering why they are not like the hives we usually see
Unlike the honey bee that we usually have in mind, the Kelulut bee is much smaller and is harmless to humans. They do have stings but they are too weak to penetrate human skin. As they are inferior to the fierce honey bee, they build their hives in hollow trunks of trees to protect themselves from weather and predators. Therefore, when you enter the farm, you will be greeted by little "houses" made of tree stumps at heights you that you can reach.
The bee farm is very safe and tranquil
This farm accepts visitors to their farm in groups of minimum 10 pax by appointment. Opening hours of the farm is from daylight to dusk. This place is not only a honey factory but also an educational place for adults and children alike. Read on to know what I learnt from my trip.
Listen attentively. Explanation is full of nutritious info
Stingless bees are smaller and lesser in population. Therefore, the amount of honey produced is lesser than the yield from honey bees. But bear in mind, their honey is no lesser in nutrition and taste.
Honey is contained in sacs made up of bees wax
Honey is produced and stored inside the tree trunk in sacs. When it has reached its maximum space, the bees will store them in the compartment provided by humans. As rental, humans will reap the golden liquid which the bees have so industriously produced when the the space is full.
Sucking raw honey out of the sacs
Interestingly, not every sac of honey tastes the same. Depending on the flower or plant the bee has extracted the nectar from, the honey will differ in taste. Thus, honey is a combination of nectar from countless species of plants making it nutritious and one of nature's most complete foods. Generally, honey from the Kelulut bee is more watery and sourish. To me, it is just as yummy!
Eating raw, unprocessed honey straight from the hive
Bees are one of the most important animals in the world. Other than producing this amber-coloured liquid, they are extremely helpful in pollination. They help disseminate spores and pollens to ensure continuity of plants.
Appreciation for nature so silently powerful
Honey is potent for skin, hair, wounds, voice and many more. Its healing benefits come from sap of trees which branches have broken, excreted by the plant to heal itself. Honey produced is a reflection of its surroundings. A healthy and organic rain forest as the bees surroundings, in absence of pollution, will result in good quality honey.
The Kelulut bee defense system
Very organic and simplistic decorative composition
Streamlet that defines the bee territory. CDs are hung to chase monkeys away
A homespun but charismatic bridge
If a visit into the farm is not possible without the minimum head count (even after appeal), there are real hives displayed at the Bee Museum for your spectacle as well. Here, visitors can purchase the Kelulut bee honey and other products like royal jelly and propolis which are highly sought after as aging antidotes and beauty elixirs.
Bee Museum
Charming landscape
My trip to the Stingless Bee Farm made me build respect for the bee. So small yet so powerful and generous in its contribution to life of other beings on Earth. Experience it yourself! Remember to end the enlightening experience with some golden honey and an irresistible honey lemon ice tube!
Cooling down with a much needed honey lemon ice tube on a hot day
Discover the many benefits of honey
Pure honey is precious and is worth is seen by its price
Melipoly Bee Farm
PT 44, KM 13, Mukin Tras, 27600 Raub Pahang
Tel: 03-77333921

Melipoly Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
Suite 623 Block A Damansara Intan
Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

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