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Royal Floria Festival @ Putrajaya

There is something about flowers that cheers its lookers. Flowers promise a smile...from me at least. Therefore, when I heard over the radio that the Royal Floria Festival is back again, there was no competition in my schedule to this glorious event for that beautiful weekend. This post blooms with abundant of flowers. Less words, more photos. Enjoy!
Royal Floria Putrajaya
Theme for the year is Chrysanthemum
Ready for beautiful and captivating landscapes?

School and University Gardens
The school and university gardens is a testament to unlimited creativity. Gardens here are made of regular household items that you never think could be such an adornment. Great for kids and impressive for adults.
Creative compositions by universities and schools
Frames make good props for flower deco
Ever imagined plastic tubes to make such beautiful sight?
This is something you can do with your old bicycle
Bridges add an interesting dimension to the landscape
Build-in pipes among branches so that water trickle down creating rain-fall effect
My mom and I among flowers
Found a few old tyres at home? Try giving them a new purpose
Plastic cups are light enough for hanging decoration
Delighted by the sight of flowers
Magic mushrooms
Mommy just had to even at the cost of her clean pants
Make cute tortoises out of coconut shells
Butterflies out of PET bottles
A bamboo hut
Two-tiered mini garden out of broken pots

Aluminium cans make charming lanterns
In a maze of twigs
Beauty of hanging roots
Adds to the organics of the garden
Who would think that a leaf of vegetable can be such an artful piece
Golden flowers literally pouring out from the pot
How to add frogs in your garden
President of a badminton club? Tell people through creative ceilings like this
Very homespun and sincere
Swings always give charm to gardens
Pavement made of bottle caps and charcoal
Give your egg cartons a royal chance
Cute swans from old tires
Make colourful curtains out of old bottle caps
That's an attractive scarecrow made out of plastic spoons!
If you happen to have an extra car
Seahorse made of garage items
Ornament in a hanging glass

Floria Flavours
We started our floral adventure at around 5pm and before long, we needed a little refueling before we continued the massive festival.
This is not an angle issue. This cup is really that huge! Only RM9 but make sure you have a strong bladder!
Cooling place to rest and refuel
Food stalls

Cats Pavilion
There is a bonus among the flowers. At the end near the food stalls, there is a cat pavilion that showcases cats and other pets. 
Purring to sleep
Everything about cat like this cat batik
Glorious pattern on the Bengal cat

Outdoor Gardens
The outdoor gardens consist of landscaping and designs by government bodies and agencies. The gardens provide picturesque backdrops and marvelous creations that captivate almost anyone.
The salad garden makes you want to mix a salad right there!
Vegetables and fruits are always appealing
Motion structures
Making dodol the kampung way
And that is my hometown!
Petunias are so sweet
When flowers group together they become a massive beauty

Never a dull day when among flowers
Alice's tea party garden
A corner to relax
Rustic but romantic

Magical Garden
Magical Garden is another section of the festival that requires a separate entrance fee. Magical Garden gives a different experience from its outdoor counterparts. "A" for effort for creating an educational indoor park, I would say. Nonetheless, I won't mind skipping this part in exchange for more time in the outdoor gardens. Tickets are sold at the entrance of the Magical Garden inside the fiesta so you do not have to decide at the main entrance.
See how flowers sweeten up this candy castle
Choo choo train with flowers
Dad and I while in line to the Magical Garden
RM10.50 for adults
Magical mushrooms
Videos to educate about the importance of preserving precious nature

Floral Pavilion
The Floral Pavilion is just adjacent to the Magical Garden. In fact, visitors will exit to this exhibition hall. This place is an inspiration, taking flower arrangements to the next level. The assortment of the idea of garden is extensive.
Garden inspired by chicks in nest
Who would have thought of making chicks out of chrysanthemums
Melted glass vase over a stone. See how the glass artistically takes form of the stone at the base 
Vibrant orchids
Estonian roses for sale. These roses are taller and larger than the regular ones. Just look at the size!
If you live in a condo and have limited space, mini garden in a pot provides liveliness in your home just the same
In my opinion, these mini gardens may be lesser in size but definitely not lesser in character
Moreover, they are easily managed and adds cuteness in your home
Wall composition
Flowers are almost mandatory in weddings for a touch of romance
What would a wedding look like without flowers?
The role of flowers in a Chinese wedding is unknowingly powerful
Nature tamed
A literal floral dress
Award winning flower arrangement
Throw in some frames for an artistic feature
An oriental take
Hanging garden
A terrarium makes a wonderful home deco especially where space is limited

Fantasy Garden
Fantasy Garden makes fairy tale dreams come true. Absorb the romance with fairy lights all over.
My mom and dad
Lights all over the floor
When your path is lit
Relax at the outdoor lounge
An illuminated garden
A romantic gazebo
Perfect place to take a memorable stroll

Magic of the Night Boat Show @ 9pm 
Wait till 9pm to catch the Magic of the Night Boat Show. Every float features a a state. Have fun looking out for each state's attractions and specialties all compacted and some animated on the boat.
The lake lights up with the boats parading around
My favourite one from Sarawak
By the organizer- Malaysian Tourism

The Magic of Bonsai and Suiseki
Get connected with ancient bonsais that will keep you wondering about the years these trees have survived. 
A walk through bonsai garden

Arts and Craft Pavilion
The Arts and Craft Pavilion showcases pieces made out of and plants. Furniture from quality wood and items featuring flowers. It feeds the soul with lots of inspiration and creativity too.
Cannot tell between the real and the fake ones
One of the things I cannot resist buying for my home

Garden Bazaar
We ended the floral journey with a stroll through the Garden Bazaar which allows visitors to finally purchase some plants after collecting so much inspiration from every section of the festival.
Incredible blossom
These are the Milk Cow orchids. Pretty obvious how it got its name
Useful greens
Floria Putrajaya 2016 was amazing! Kudos to Tourism Malaysia for such a quality event that contributed such a wonderful weekend. This is an exemplary event that is beneficial to the public and worth a trip even from if you are from other states. However, one week is too short for such a magnificent display. It should be extended to give more people the chance to appreciate the exhibition.

If you have missed this round of Floria Putrajaya, catch it next year! Be prepared with a camera or a fully charged phone and remember to stay till the moon is up! See you among the flowers in 2017!

Royal Floria Putrajaya
Anjung Floria, Precinct 4,
Putrajaya Malaysia

27th May-4th June 2016
9:00am -10:30pm (Mon- Thurs)
9:00am- 12:00am (Fri-Sat)

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