Monday, June 6, 2016

Kipling Summer/ Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

The Kipling Monkey is back! The savior of my travels returns with cheerful splashes of colours perfect for the summer and pre-fall season. Why do I call Kipling my travel savior? These bags are made of quality fabric, sturdy and are able to endure the most challenging of adventures with me. Also, their light weight spares my shoulders the ache, allowing me to do more. My Kipling bags are stylish and amazingly space savvy to keep all my personal items in order. Every item has its room in my Kipling without me looking like a refugee on the run!
The Kipling Monkey is back
Kipling sounds more familiar to the ears of our secondary school students because the brand is really after the writer Rudyard Kipling who wrote Jungle Book and other poems in Malaysia's English Literature text book. The monkeys in the story became an inspiration to three Belgian designers and the legacy began.
Kipling bags are inspired from monkeys from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book
Since it is summer all year round here in Malaysia, Kipling's summer/ pre-fall 2016 collection can last you until the country snows. Shades of red, orange, buttercup and wild rose will accentuate your trips. I have two Kipling bags and they have helped me to be on the go in the concrete jungle with my essentials stashed beside me, hands free!

Maelissa S
Maelissa S is something that I want to get next. A practical shoulder bag that is versatile for both formal and fun. The mottled assembly and sleek texture adds a modern finish while the adjustable shoulder strap and flap top provides comfort and security. It comes with a main zipped compartment and an open front pocket with a metal snap fastening.
Maelissa S collection
Versatility that gives a formal feel with a casual twist
Neutral colours that can match any outfit

Cyrah S
Kipling bags also comes in cabin-sized wheeled bags that you can pull along fashionably at the airport. The crinkled nylon fabric provides flexibility for that extra loot while assuring you with its toughness. It comes with a retractable handle and four spinning wheels and an easy-reach zipped compartment at the front.
Kipling luggage bag
Jet-setting across the globe in style

Clas Seoul
Whether it is  for school or for travelling, this backpack can provide space, style and comfort. Its minimalist and straight forward design comes with a large zipped pocket and an internal organizer comprising of a mobile phone pocket, pen loop, wallet pouch and key clasp. 
Style that comes simple and reliable
The baby blue set
Black with a zap of red
Cannot go wrong with Kipling
Kipling bags known for their long lasting quality
Vibrant array 
A good travel bag is essential
Travel in style
Model on the right carrying the Art M piece
A multifunctional travel tote that is big on versatility. Zippers on the side allow the bag to be customized into 2 shapes, rectangular or triangluar and three additional pickets to help to secure small items. The two strap shoulder tote features a perforated leather effect.
Look sporty and feminine at the same time
Being a constant traveler, I cannot disregard the importance of a good hand bag. Before I had Kipling, I simply dread packing for trips because finding the right handbag was a frustration. Now, handphones, passports, keys, boarding passes are all parked neatly. Also, Kipling's rugged, on-the-go and sporty character is well balanced by its graceful cuttings.
The Kipling's Summer/ Pre-fall Collection 2016

Catch the Kipling Summer Bus
All throughout the month of June, the Kipling Summer Bus will be going round the city. Catch the bus full of monkeys and join the Count the Kipling Monkeys Contest. If you counted right, stand a chance to walk away with some awesome Kipling bags!

1. Catch the Kipling Summer Bus at Kipling roadshows and activities (follow their roadshows via FB)
2. Count the number of monkeys printed on the bus
3. Submit your entry with a creative caption via link on Kipling's Facebook
4. Stand a chance to win bags!
Kipling Models on the Summer Bus
If counting is not your game, then participate in the Kipling Summer Selfie activity.
1. Take your best selfie with the Kipling Summer Bus or with the Kipling Monkey on the bus. 
2. Upload it to your Instagram with the hashtags #MyKipling #KiplingSummerFun16
3. Redeem exclusive Kipling Merchandise on the spot!
Good luck winning Kipling Bags!
Also, only by purchasing Kipling's Products Worth RM500 and above, stand a chance at scoring flight tickets worth more than RM30,000!

Evy Hooi

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