Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Milbon Designer's Ability Hair Fashion Show Malaysia 2016

Our crowning glory remains as one of the most fussed about in our daily lives. It creates our image and defines our character. There is now unlimited styles to our locks. I was recently at the Milbon Desinger's Ability Hair Fashion Show to find out what is trending in Japan to garner inspiration for my long due visit to the salon. 
What is trending in Japan in 2016
The Milbon Designer's Ability Hair Fashion Show 2016

Milbon DA Hair Fashion Show
Salon: Unique Expired, Johor Baru
Hailing from south of Malaysia, Johor, Unique Expired Salon displayed their artistry in contemporary hair styling that evening. The heads of the models are asymmetric art in complete eccentricity. It is said that their creativity is splashed all over their hair studio interior decoration which is tailor made by themselves.

Hairstylists from Unique Expired Johor Baru

Milbon DA Hair Fashion Show
Hairstylist: Terutomo Matsumoto
Salon: Rebloom, Japan
The highlight of the evening was Terutomo Matsumoto's show which was engaging throughout. His adroitness with the scissors was demonstrated live and witness by hundreds. Cut hair that was air-born by wind and added enchantment to show. There is concept and style in buried in the pile of hair worked by Matsumoto. Colour and highlights turned messiness of the hair into modernity.


Milbon DA Hairstyling Competition 
Theme: Japan Kawaii
The event also displayed hairstyles by participating hairstylists representing their salons. This activity is a result of Milbon's hope to nuture the growth of hair designers in the industry. Designer's Ability (DA) Competition originally started in Tokyo Japan. Judges will gauge based on how captivating the design is based on requests by their models in 40 minutes
Winner is Nonthor Lu from Unique Expired Johor Baru
1st prize winner will be given a free tiket to Milbon Osaka DA (inclusive of air ticket and 3 nights stay) worth RM10,000
Preparation following the 'Japan Kawaii' theme
Matsumoto and team doing their rounds of judging
Participants preparing for the competition
Heads of different hues
Cuts of different angles
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