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Just Seafood @ Sunway Giza

It is time to get messy! It is obvious that seafood and mess come hand-in-hand in order to enjoy its scrumptiousness. In Sunway Giza, there is a restaurant that approves of the chaos. Just Seafood is a specialist in western style seafood, serving meals in the most unusual way!
Ready for the much awaited seafood adventure!
Just Seafood, like its name suggests, has been serving fresh ocean harvest from crabs to prawns to oysters and mussels since 2014. Other than its interesting menu, it has also pioneered the on-table style. If you have passed by restaurants that pours the food on the table without any plates, I am proud to inform that it is the brainchild of Terrence Ham, owner of Just Seafood.
Just Seafood at Sunway Giza
The two storey outlet offers its patrons various seating options indoors and alfresco for patrons to enjoy their meal.
Fisherman themed interior
Photos of happy customers
I would say, my sister and I not only went for good food, we embarked on a seafood adventure that evening.
Irresistibly scrumptious fresh raw USA oysters
USA Natural 1 piece RM18.00
USA Natural 4 pieces free 1 RM72.00
USA Natural 7 pieces free 2 RM126.00
USA Natural 12 pieces free 4 RM216.00
The oyster got me literally eating out of its palm. I was in heaven!
The world became our oyster the moment the first dish was out. Incredibly fresh raw oysters flown in from the United States in the size of my palm definitely stimulated our appetite. The oyster was so huge that it took several bites to finish which definitely gave me a generous amount of satisfaction. I had mine untainted (without sauce) and in its most raw and original form. I died of happiness and went to heaven! Every bite was succulent and sweet with its divine texture. If you want to taste oceanic sublimity, this is the place.
Terrence Ham, owner of Just Seafood pouring out Cajun Style Seafood
Cannot wait to get my hands on the pile
 Cajun Style Seafood
1-2 pax RM109++
3-4 pax RM199++
5-7 pax RM399++
The signature dish was spread on the table after the impressive prelude. The seafood combi that includes mud crabs, prawns, clams, mussels and squid are cooked in Louisiana Cajun Style. This style is popularized by the Vietnamese in Louisiana. Terrence and his Vietnamese chef, perfected their version of Louisiana Cajun sauce which has just the right thickness. Every piece is smothered by tangy and flavoursome Cajun sauce that has a tinge of spiciness. The spiciness level can be adjusted according to customer's taste. I find its taste goes very well with seafood. Comes with choice of rice or bread.
Creamy Peanut Special Seafood
1-2 pax RM109++
3-4 pax RM199++
5-7 pax RM399++
Beware of the Creamy Peanut sauce! There is no way to debate about its spell-binding fragrance.  I must say that this is my favourite although the Cajun is their best-seller. Another authentic concoction by Terrence and his chef, is inspired by Malaysian's favourite satay peanut sauce. It is reinvented to blend with seafood with a nutty taste and a creamy note. Remember to mop the table with bread to savour the gravy. 
Butter Milk Seafood
1-2 pax RM99++
3-4 pax RM189++
5-7 pax RM369++
Non-spicy and sufficiently creamy, the Butter Milk is the western version of the Chinese lai yau. The package is sans squid and clams because butter milk sauce would match them less. Its aroma is beholden to the adequate spices thrown into the equation. Whole bottles of buttermilk are whisked into the special blen and enhanced by freshly plucked curry leaves. 
You can tell that food was cooked with the right amount of time as squid was tender and succulent and non of the crustaceans' meat shrank. Just Seafood does not skimp on ingredients and makes sure that quality is priority. The restaurant is completely pork-free and has an open kitchen concept so that nothing is concealed.
Lemongrass pandan RM9.00
My drink of choice that evening was lemongrass pandan that invigorates the palate with every sip.
Uncle Vincent's original recipe chilli mussels from Perth on Today's Special Menu
Chilli Mussels RM49.00
Those who have been to Perth would have heard of Uncle Vincent's Chili Mussels. Now you can get the dish cooked using the exact recipe right here. This item however is not a regular on the menu. It appears on the specials list occasionally. I find it quite a pity as this tasty bowl of mussels is definitely a delight to have. Seasoned with mixed herbs, it exudes piquancy amid the tangy tomato and chili sauce. 
Cannot be distracted from my seafood
I heart prawns
My sister Evy and I bonding over great food
Just Seafood gave my sister and I a memorable meal that evening. The fun of primitively grabbing food  from the surface of the table was simply awesome! You should have been there when my sister told me to "pass" her the squid- I grabbed them with my hands and put it anywhere within her reach! Thumbs up to this concept! I recommend this place for an oyster fix or a unique seafood meal.
Take note of the before
Check out the aftermath
Has the idea of wiping the table with bread appeared tasty to you?
This was what was left of the Creamy Peanut pile
Just Seafood
A-9-G, Sunway Giza
No. 2, Jalan PJU5/14
47810 Petaling Jaya 
012-229 0855 

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