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Kayra Authentic Kerala Cuisine @ TTDI

Indian food does not always have to come in the form of roti canai or banana leaf. Try a Thali meal next time! A Thali meal is an Indian and Nepalese meal made up of a selection of various dishes. According to Indian customs, a proper meal should be a perfect balance of all 6 flavours- sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy [1]
My Indian balanced meal today
There is a place in the Taman Tun neighbourhood where you can get your Thali fix. Kayra serves authentic Kerala cuisines that enriche your palate with the culture that comes with it. The first thing that I noticed about the restaurant is its cleanliness and simplicity in style.
Kayra Authentic Kerala Cuisine at TTDI
Modern and minimalist set up of restaurant
Cleanliness of restaurant is apparent
Ginger Chiller (Ginger, lime and apple juice) RM11.90
The Ginger Chiller was the drink of choice that day. A refreshing concoction of ginger, lime and apple juice quenches perfectly bringing temperature down from the sweltering afternoon and a standby extinguisher for the spicy dishes later.
Vegetarian Thali set meal RM13.90 (excluding drink) 
The Vegetarian Thali is the basic set meal which comes with five dishes in ramekin bowls which consist of (from bottom left):
1. Avial- classic kerala mixed vegetable that has been cooked to a soft texture in coconut milk
2. Sambar- variation of dhal with spices
3. Thoran- this portion is the vege of the day. Crispy cabbage with a little spiciness
4. Pachadi- a beetroot dish cooked with mustard
5. Erissery- a mix of pumpkin and lentil with spices

The last 2 are raita (yogurt) which mellows the spiciness when it gets too hot and Payasam (dessert) to wash the palate.

Every set meal has the dish of your choice accompanying the Vegetarian Thali.
Ginger pickle is appetizing
On the sides make sure you find the brown blob which is the Kerala's Ginger Pickle which I find pretty awesome. It is appetizing enough to have rice eaten only with it. Ginger is cooked into a mash and sweetened. It does not have stark ginger taste, only comforting sweetness.
Seafood Molee as Thali set meal RM19.90
Ala carte RM14.00
Seafood Molee turns out to be one of my favourite. The golden yellow dish is non-spicy and infused with flavours of prawn and squid. Cooked in coconut milk and tumeric, its rich taste is not too cloying. I can go for a second plate of rice with its gravy.
Prawn Mango Curry as Thali set meal RM18.90
Ala carte RM12.90
The Prawn Mango Curry has a very engaging flavour that keeps you going for scoops. Prawns are juicy and fresh. 
Chicken as Thali set meal RM15.90
Ala carte RM8.00
The Roasted Chicken is rolled over fire and coated with curry. If you are a fan of spiciness, this flavourful dish could satisfy you.
Fried chicken as Thali set meal RM15.90
Ala carte RM8.00
The Fried Chicken is a joy to have for non-spicy eaters. Well seasoned and evenly fried, its crisp is light on the outside and juiciness sealed inside. 
Fried fish Thali set meal RM17.90
Tenggiri fish is a loyal item in Indian restaurants. The Fried Fish is lightly fried and its natural flavours did the talking. 
Mutton Thali set meal RM17.90
Ala carte RM9.90
The Mutton dish is infused with sufficient spices and not too overwhelming sans the gamy odour. The meat however could be more tender. 
Chicken Biryani served with onion raita RM17.00
Chicken Biryani is a safe option with fragrant rice accompanied by onion raita (yogurt)
Spicy Kerala Chicken Wrap served with raita RM13.90
For those who wants a lighter meal, the Spicy Kerala Chicken Wrap is a good choice. As its name suggests, Spicy Kerala Chicken Wrap will make your tongue a little hot. Shredded chicken meat is well mixed with the sauce. Dip it into the raita (yogurt) to balance up the spiciness.
Ending on a sweet note with Payasam of the day as dessert
Comes in a ramekin bowl with set Thali
Ala carte RM10.00
I ended my Keralite adventure with Payasam which is a blend of banana, grape and brown sugar. It tastes comforting with a good bodied texture. It is not too cloying and tastes better than it looks. Desserts differ from day to day.

KAYRA also delivers to surrounding offices available.

46, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-77322009


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