Monday, August 15, 2016

How Serious Are You In Gaming- ESL One E-Sports Tournament@ Resorts World Genting

Gone are the days when gaming is considered a waste of time. Stare at the computer every day and find yourself in the running to win USD 250,000! Oh by the way, video gaming is now called E-Sports for those who still thinks that video games are for the unambitious. 
How serious are you when it comes to gaming
Joining the global fad, the Malaysian video game industry is growing rapidly. Resorts World Genting has announced its collaboration with ESL to hold a first-of-its-kind tournament in Malaysia. In the Arena of Stars Genting, 6th-8th January 2017, we will we witnessing some of the world's best video gamers competing  against each other. And what game are we talking about?
DOTA 2!!
Dota 2 players are gaining professional recognition
Dota 2 characters came to life! Can you name all of them?
Even if you are not a gaming enthusiast, its vibes will grow on to you. The way the games are celebrated is nothing short of awesomeness. The launch of the ESL One Tournament became a colourful playground where Dota 2 characters came to life!
Enter the gaming world
"Dota's popularity in South East Asia is astonishing and the strategic partnership with Resorts World Genting opens a whole new way of delivering high quality E-Sports content to one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and committed group of fans we have ever seen at ESL events," said Ulrich Schulze, VP of Pro Gaming at ESL.
Launch of the ESL One Tournament
With the very deep understanding of the local market and its high-end facilities, Resorts World Genting will help open a whole new avenue for delivering the region's best E-Sports event to date, taking this competition to new heights.
Dragon Knight Cosplay winner
Clockwerk cosplay winner from Phillipines
Just marvel at the intricacy of the costumes
My sister Evy and I definitely got friendly with the game through knowing the interesting characters at the party. There were lots of photo opportunities that we could not bear to miss. Obviously we did not mind filling up our memory cards for the event. Scroll down to check out what we did at Ruyi and Lynn Bangsar that evening.
It is photo time with my sistah Evy
With Cosplay winners Dragon Knight and Clockwerk 
With Crystal Maiden on my left and Lina on my right
How's my cape jacket looking?
More photo fun!
Crystal Maiden balloon doll
Please help me name this character
With Earthshaker
If I was a Dota character- clubs and axes are of choice
Evy with Dragon Knight
From left Templar Assassin, Windranger, Crystal Maiden, pls-help-me-name-her, Lina and at the front, Dragon Knight
The frenzy spread on to cupcakes
Tiniest nasi lemak dish ever! Although minuscule, it was complete with rice, cucumber, egg, nuts and anchovies!
Sister Evy enjoying selfies with human-sized balloon figures
So if you are an avid Dota player or know of any or just want to be part of the commotion, key in a reminder in your phone for the event happening on 6th-8th of January 2017.

Those keen on following the ESL One Genting tournament at Resorts World Genting can expect an announcement on ticket launch in the coming weeks. They can also register their interest to get priority for tickets. 

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