Sunday, August 28, 2016

Milbon 360 Beautiful Hair Signature Line Launch @ Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Have you ever wondered why no matter how your hair is treated at home it is never as good as when treated at the salons? It is because they have a secret ingredient. Milbon, a Japanese hair care range brand has been the unsung hero for salons that brings outstanding and envious results.
Time to reveal the unsung hero
Milbon now has launched its all new signature line in celebration with their 360o Beautiful Hair campaign. Five decades of cutting-edge research delivered a range of products specifically designed to repair never-before seen parts of your hair. Introducing the Global Milbon Signature Line which comprises of the Smooth, Moisture and Repair range.
Milbon has launched its all new signature line
SSVs (Stick Shaped Voids) are hollow, tubular gaps that form in chemically treated hair. They contribute to loss of shine, split ends and breakage. In the absense of effective treatment, SSVs continue to expand, causing hair to lose its shine and resilience. SSVR-SilkTM Sis a powerful silk-based complex which supersedes these hollow tubular gaps and improves hair's overall integrity inside out. All products of the Milbon signature line has SSVR-SilkTM incorporated in them allowing hair to shine from within.
Winnie Loo, founder of A Cut Above graced the launching
An elegant evening at Grand Hyatt for the launching of the Global Milbon Signature Line
An exclusive celebration in conjunction with the launch

The Milbon Smooth, Moisture and Repair range
Smooth Collection
It is suitable for textural concerns, instantly detangles and improves the feel of hair giving it a soft, silky-smooth finish. Available in individual formulas, each specifically designed for fine, medium or coarse hair

Moisture Collection
The Moisture Collection comes to rescue for dull, dry and porous hair. It reverses damage caused by repeated colouring through weightlessly infusing moisture and ensuring long-lasting, vibrant colour.

Repair Collection
This collection is best for severely damaged and over-processed hair. It restores hair to look, feel and behave as if it has never been damaged while enhancing performance during blowouts.
Shin Yee explains that she felt a great difference in her hair after treatment
Carmen shares that her frizzy curls thanked her after they used the Smoothing Collection on her hair
Global Milbon's Education Manager showing how to use the treatment products. The products are of remarkable quality that not much quantity has to be used. 
Models with their lustrous hair
Sharing the evening with the famous Winnie Loo, founder of A Cut Above
I am definitely excited to try the Milbon Smooth Collection as my hair is coarse and lacks shine. After relaxing and colouring, the Repair Collection Restorative Blowout Primer for coarse hair will enhance its softness by fortifying it. The product contains collagen just like face products to nourish hair from within.
For me, it would be the Smooth Collection
Nobody will disapprove of the products' fragrance. It not only gives your hair the deserved treatment but also therapeutic to just smell it. The sweet floral and occasionally fruity scent will make you feel beautiful instantly. After a good pampering session, you will have no queries letting your boyfriend or husband bury their nose in your hair.
Milbon Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Treatment for silky tresses
Excited to try the new Milbon signature line hair care!
So if you are searching for a saloon to pop into for a luxurious hair treatment, keep an eye open for Milbon products used. Find Your Beauty through Milbon Signature Line.
OOTD at the famous stairs of Grand Hyatt Hotel
Milbon Signature Line products are used in the below salons:
1. Cut Above - Kuala Lumpur
2. Color Bar -Johor Baru
3. Empoir Hair Lover - Johor Baru
4. A Creative - Seremban 
5. The Color Shop- One Utama PJ
6. Unique Expired - Johor Baru
7. Momtz Hair - Melaka

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