Saturday, August 6, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call...Ghostbusters! @ Sunway Lagoon

Good news to those who never had the grit to visit Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon! Now there are Ghostbusters in the house for you to anchor those guts! Take a look at the latest Sunway Lagoon attraction that is sure to bring those thrills and chills to new heights!
Sunshine in Sunway Lagoon
Scream Park
Sunway Lagoon is excited to have such and internationally acclaimed attraction as part of their entertainment. Dear Sunway Lagoon not only you are excited, fans like me are definitely thrilled! The attraction occupies the entire top level of Scream Park.
Lynton V. Harris, Chairman and CEO of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company speaking at the launch of The Ghostbusters Adventure Live! media launch
Lady Ghostbusters!
Enter through the Ghostbusters Headquarters Firehouse
Paradoxically, this is the place where ghouls and spirits come 'alive'! But nothing to fear! Ghostbusters have your back! Just enjoy the spookiness and shocks in that 20-minute journey that come along because you know you will are in good hands. 
The launch gambit began as the ghosts took over the launch
The Ghostbusters arrive to save the day!
The Ghostbusters and ‘No Ghosts’ dancers after the launch of The Ghostbusters Adventure Live! attraction
    The Ghostbusters and the ‘No Ghosts’ dancers at the launch of the The Ghostbusters Adventure Live!
      Want to feel like you are in the Ghostbusters movie? Enter this way! The journey starts at the Slimer's pad, filled with cool Ghostbusters memorabilia, followed by Aldridge Mansion- New York's oldest private home and museum where a tour guide will introduce the creepy story of Gertrude Aldridge.
      Enter Scream Park through the new Ghostbusters Headquarters, the Firehouse
      Slimer greets you on your journey through the maze
      Gertrude comes out to meet her guests
      A detour takes you to New York Subway's Seward Street Station and alight to visit Old Zhu's Chinese Restaurant, the new headquarters of the new all-female Ghostbusters. Rowan's basement is the next agenda, followed by the infamous Mercado Hotel, set in iconic Times Square in New York, where guests will face a spooky, scary and slimy finale to their journey.
      Seward Street
      Gertrude’s Library in the Aldridge Mansion
      The ghosts have taken over Times Square in New York
      Seward Street Subway Station
      The walkway leading up to Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food restaurant
      Rowan’s Hideout at basement of Mercado Hotel
      Mercado Hotel lobby
        Be careful where you stand
        The Ghostbusters uniforms hang waiting to be used when they answer the call
        Ghostbuster packs charged and ready to be used to trap malicious ghosts
        Ghosts lurk in the darkest of corners of The Ghostbusters Adventure Live!
        Who ya gonna call?
        The elements included in the attraction along the recreation of the locations form the latest movie, brings a sense of realism and authenticity to the experience. You will surely know who to call after you make your way through as ghost-busting heroes yourself! 
        Evy Hooi

        The Ghostbusters Adventure Live! at Lynton V. Harris Scream Park
        Opening hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm daily
        RM150 for aged 12 and above
        RM120 for aged 12 and below


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