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Nights of Fright 4 @ Sunway Lagoon

It is October! Not only ghosts and spirits await the festival, yours truely was patient throughout the year for the Festival of Fear at Sunway Lagoon! Nights of Fright is back with its 4th production of horror and thrill. This month, the park will open its gates to beings of a different dimension to walk on the same grounds as you. 
Face your fear
The production by Lynton V. Harris has earned fans through its detailed and thorough presentation. The park is transformed into a ghost infested land that erupted from hell. Every corner evokes evil and chills that gives the perfect setting for photographs. 
The launching of Nights of Fright 4
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Zombies and demons breaking loose
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
The crew is trained to surface the deepest human fears through tactics like whispers, elusiveness and shock. However, the team remains professional by not touching visitors. Every attraction is ingrained with a mystery and a story so dark that it remorselessly turn into a place of fear and screams.
When ghosts come out to play
Who knows what awaits at full moon
Amber Chia at the premier of Nights of Fright 4
Beware of what's behind the gates
This year, more Asian themes are incorporated to make it more relevant and thus more relatable to visitors in Malaysia.  I had a mixed feeling of pride and eeriness when I saw my alma matter Malaya High School where rumour has it that a crime so horrific has taken place in a classroom and tightly covered.
My alma mater showcased as a horror place
We were then taken cross the Chinese Judgement Bridge (DIYU) where the dead are judged to determine if their journey continues in hell. The props and costumes of this attraction depicts the underworld environment that our grandmothers use to tell us. And to be right there, is very much putting my fear of death in front of my face.
Take selfies with roaming ghouls
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Kevil Hill is perpetually evil and can never be ridded off. Its toxic is deeply rooted beyond cure. Uncover a mix of violent frozen zombies brought to half-life by a deadly explosion in the Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation headquarters.
Kevil Industries are perennially waiting to torture its captives 
Visit also Beijing's most famous haunted house Chaonei #81 as a tragic concoction of love, forlorn and guilt. A possessed Opera singer during her torrid affair with the husband of the house is ready to haunt you. 
Frights, fear and FUN!
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Be on the look out also for scheduled shows (14 of them) throughout the night. Give your heart a cardio break and feast yourself with amazement of these performances
Fire dancer charming the crowd. Do not miss out the amazing scheduled shows too
The stage is full of entertainment for the lingering souls
The night is never over without a trip to the Ghostbusters with a hint of Hollywood glam. Experience what is it like to be in the movie. Check out here to know more.
The latest attraction Ghostbusters
Who you gonna call?
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Be on the lookout for Ah Wing's Butcher Shop, a place dripping with bloody revenge while Tanah Perkuburan Lang is haunted by the screams of tortured souls. Scream your heart out at the horrifying zones of The London Fog, Kevil Hill Township, The Zombie Walk and The Clown Collective.
Intricately designed displays all around the park
Save me from this torture!
The gypsie who knows your future through your past
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Transformation in progress
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Say hello to my dark side. Face painting is available too
Horrorwood Studios successfully petrified my friends and I to the bones! There is nothing scarier than walking through a foggy lane knowing that there is nothing to laugh about down the ally. And, you cannot turn back! Kudos to Horrorwood! You made even my bravest friend frozen in fear.
Horrorwood studios wont allow you to deny your fears
Ah Wing Butcher Shop is dripping with blood
Dance performance to allay the fright
When ghosts unite
Just when you want to escape
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Rest in peace? You wish!
Photo credit to C.H. Leong

Halloween themed food
Fuel up with drinks in blood bags
On the bright side ironically, this is the only opportunity for you to take photos with wandering 'ghosts' with impressive make up and costumes. Remember to still have fun with rides that are still open like the Carousel, Apache Pots, Pirate's Revenge, Colorado Splash, Tomahawk, Wagon Wheel, the Scream Coaster, Grand Canyon Rapids, Butch Cassidy Trail and Vultures. 
That mauled neck that is still holding that pretty face
The dead comes back
Go away!
The joker on wheels
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
The murdered sisters
Photo credit to C.H. Leong
Look what's crawling around you
Welcome to the dark side
While Sunway Lagoon offers frights and fear to the unsettled souls and of course humans, the theme park ultimate wants to bring out the FUN and laughter in its visitors. My friends and I were laughing till we teared after we got the better of our overwhelming emotions. Sorry for all the tugging and hand squeezes!
Thank you Sunway Lagoon! We had a fun adventure!
Nights of Fright 4 is for guests above 12 years old. Visitors are encouraged to dress in their coolest spooky costumes. However, no face masks are allowed.


Nights of Fright 4
Every Friday- Sunday
7th-30th October 2016 (including 31st October)
7:30pm to 11:30pm

Tickets are priced at
RM58 (normal price) RM50 (student price)
RM120 (1 admission Sunway Lagoon pass and 1 NOF4 ticket)
RM80 (for 2 tickets on Sundays)

For more information please call 03-5639000 or visit and

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