Monday, October 3, 2016

Fun Filled Cooking Class and High Tea @ Dorsett Putrajaya

Who else to better play masak-masak with than your childhood bestie! That weekend, Stefanie and I decided to just go for high tea to catch up. Somehow, we stumbled upon Dorsett's cooking class and high tea package and decided to give it a try. And we are so glad we did!
Cooking class with bestie
It is because of this class I understand why people sign up for cooking classes. To me, it is not so much about learning the recipe (with internet omnipresent, it is quite unbelievable that people go for cooking classes just for the recipe) Other than learning techniques which are not elaborated in words, cooking class offers the fun that the childhood masak-masak brings! Also for these reasons:
  • All equipments are prepared for you
  • All ingredients are shopped and measured for you 
  • You get to wear a professional chef hat and apron with make up so that you can take lots of selfies with your friend
  • There is a chef for you to chat with and ask questions (no need to jab the keyboard to Google if you are stuck)
  • Nice classy environment that does not look like a regular kitchen (lake view)
  • You can forget about washing (you will know what I mean if you have no maid)
  • High tea ensues after your 'hardwork'
Getting ready to be the chef of the day
All equipment and ingredients needed are prepared 
That day, we were making Mexican Baked Apple Empanadas. My bestie Stefanie and I were a team. The class was led by Chef Shahril who has almost two decades of experience in the industry under his belt. Chef Shahril was extremely friendly which made the class more relaxed and interactive.
Cooking class commences
Chef Shahril demonstrating to us first before we go back to our tables to do our own
Another factor that made the afternoon enjoyable was of course the company of my bestie Stefanie. With the camera, there was no stopping to taking photos. We have been to each other's kitchens umpteen times but never did we whip out our phones. I must say only such cooking class environment can induce this. But of course, you do not need to have a partner for this class. This is the perfect activity if you need to spend an afternoon by yourself.
1. First peel the apples
2. Then dice them. The smaller the better
Stefanie helping me to the dice the apples while I prepare the slurry (thickener)
3. Prepare the filling which consists of sugar, water and cinnamon
4. Put in the diced apples and slurry
5. Cook till it thickens and apples are semi-soft
Apples will be softer when baked
Cooking does not have to a serious activity
The roll of pastry looks like a baton
6. Roll out the pre-prepared pastry which smells extremely fragrant!
7. Cut them into the size and shapes that you like
8. Put in the filling onto the pastry. This is why the apples have to be small in size
Do not throw away the rest of the pastry
9. Seal the pastry and use the remains of the pastry to make decorations on the empanadas
The longer we were left with the pastries, the more shapes we did. It made us reminisce the time we played plasticine together
10. Brush the empanadas with eggwash before baking. We made leaves on our puffs with the remains of the pastry
11. Our empanadas in rectangles, half circles and heart!
Time for the fun garnishing part
12. We chose our plates and made our own garnishing with ample of ingredients
My garnishing on the plate
Our empanadas are ready!
My plate of apple empanadas
Our end results in different shapes and decorations
Great team work buddy!
Chef Shahril sprinkled some excitement by giving away a token for the best presented empanada. After looking at each plate, he picked up Stefanie's! My dear friend was delighted of course that the star and heart puffs she made for her son and husband respectively were appreciated by the chef.
Chef Shahril to pick the best presented apple empanadas
Chef picked up Stefanie's plate! She won because of the heart and star shaped puffs which were different from the rest 
Stefanie's token for winning the little competition
Stefanie and I finished our masak-masak session
After our apple empanadas were made, we had our time to sit down and catch up over afternoon tea accompanied by the view of the beautiful Putrajaya lake. Dorsett Putrajaya hosted a very memorable moment for us. We are so glad we went for it. All the fun and priceless experience at only RM30 nett! 
Now time to take a break and enjoy high tea 
If this cooking class can appeal to adventure lovers like me, it certainly is NOT only for ladies who lunch. This is an activity that I recommend to rekindle your relationship with your daughter, mother, husband or even with yourself (me time). Cooking outside your home kitchen makes a difference. Try it! You are welcome...hehe
Chatting and catching up over high tea
The beautiful lake view while savouring our high tea
Citra Rasa Cafe
Dorsett Putrajaya lobby
The next cooking class will be on 19th October 2016 at Dorsett Cafe
Time: 3:30pm
Venue: Citra Rasa, Level 3
Only RM30 nett inclusive of Mexicana Tea Time Platter

Advanced reservation is required to secure a place
Only 20 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis
To reserve a place, please contact
03-8892 8388

Dorsett Putrajaya
Precint 3, 62000 Putrajaya

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