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Relaxing with the Turtles @ Resorts World Kijal

I have Terengganu imprinted in me ever since I answered the calling to work offshore in Kemaman. After a month's grind at sea, the first earth I stepped on would be Terengganu's. Although I no longer work at sea, Terengganu and I are somehow fated to meet. This time, the calling is in the form of turtles at Resorts World Kijal!
Hello Resorts World Kijal!
Resorts World Kijal has been an icon of majesty and class in the region along the coast of Terengganu. It used to be called Awana Kijal. I remember that many special events were held there during my tenure in Kemaman. When I returned to this hotel after my offshore hiatus, I still felt the respect for it.
Greeted with silat performance
This hotel is saturated with the beauty of Malay culture, represented in a graceful way. From the food served to the architecture of the building, there is heritage. Resorts World Kijal is proud to present the local culture in every aspect especially our Malaysian hospitality to visitors. The passion of preserving the Malay culture not only brings international attention to the state but also encourages urbanites like yours truely to enjoy appreciating it too. Do not expect neo-futuristic interior in this hotel because its charm is in its archaic and time-honoured setting.
Feted with refreshing pandan coconut. To be honest, the coconuts were so sweet I had to help myself to another
Performers who are also regular hotel staff
At the reception of RW Kijal
The hotel has its own character in its time-honoured setting
The unique architecture of the hotel's roof depict true Malay heritage 
The huge congkak at the lobby which you won't miss
The vast compound of the hotel
Resorts World Kijal has plenty to offer with its abundance of land and nature. Owning 7.5 km stretch of beach, Resorts World Kijal speaks seriously of recreation and fun! The 5 star hotel offers 3 packages that promise excitement till 31st December 2016- the Kijal Weekend Promotion, Kijal Weekend Golf Package and Turtle Watching Package. There was no hesitation when I heard the word turtle!

Check out these 10 wonderful things you can enjoy by choosing the Turtle Watching Package.

1. Premium Seaview Room
First of all, when you sign up for this package, you are signing up for the ultimate room view! I could not ask for more. The blue of the pool and the melody of the waves told me I was at the right place that weekend. I felt that I owned the beach.
The view from my premium seaview hotel
Rooms are of the traditional Malay theme. Notice that the mattress is on a four-legged platform and its mirror is framed like the wooden window just like how a Malay house would be. Although classic, the rooms are updated with a touch of modernity in the bathroom.
A comfy king-sized be on a platform
My crib for the weekend
Casual clothes in the form of baju kurung for your comfort
Bathroom with separated shower and toilet
See ya later! Gonna dip myself in the tub for a bit
I like this charming window that allows me to peek at the TV during bath time
Foamy luxury!

2. Take a Dip
This hotel has the largest swimming pool in all of Terengganu. Be a fish, be a mermaid, this pool is large enough to be your ocean. It has the biggest pool in the region with 5600sqft of water for children and 11000 sqft for adults. That could easily add up to the space of a few condominium units! Most importantly, it is clean and well maintained. 
Swim under the bridge
Children's pool
The ultimate relaxation by the pool, listening to the sound of water and Facebooking!
The mesmerizing waterfall
Go on! Take laps and laps in the pool surrounded by awesomeness. The beach is waiting after you are done with the pool!
Unwind beside the huge swimming pool

3. Water and Beach Sports
As the owner of a sprawling 7.5 km long beach, the hotel has more than enough room for water and beach sports! So far it has kept an active traveler like me contented within the compounds of the hotel. Visitors do not need to leave elsewhere to satiate the hunger for action.
Plenty of water sports and beach activities to choose from
Banana boats, jet skies and towables are available for those who cannot resist the sea. Topples and laughs in the water in groups are always an exhilarating way to spend the holiday with your friends and family. If you are here in lesser numbers be it alone or as a couple, the ATV, buggy, two-wheeled electric scooter and bicycles will send you darting with fun! There is plenty of opportunity to be romantic by the sea, including lounging around on the carpet of green grass.
Fun and laughter on banana boat
Darting around in an ATV
Ready for some sun, sea and sand!
Buggy rides for some adventure
Go to the end where the golf course takes the shape of a bay
Great opportunity to just linger on the carpet of green grass
Two wheels are enough to make me happy
Play with your own shadow during sunset
Absorb and live the kampung life far away from the city
Take it away with the tandem bicycle

4. Planting Turtle Eggs
When choosing the Turtle Watching Package, it is tantamount to choosing an educational exposure. Wise choice! How often do you get to see how big a leatherback turtle is? How often do you get to feel a turtle's egg? Turtle watching comes with a wealth of information about these gentle giants with the guidance of certified rangers whose passion is as vast as the sea. 

Guests who sign up for this package can rest in their rooms until they receive a call from the hotel when a turtle is spotted. Gone are those days when you lurk at the bushes with a torchlight till the wee hours. If no turtles are spotted, the activity will be substituted with turtle egg planting and baby turtle releasing. 
The turtle egg is as big as a golf ball
If you are taking turtle watching as entertainment, you have deflected the dignity of this activity. Turtle watching is to appreciate nature, to realize ways that humans are intruding and to stop doing it. This is an excellent opportunity for kids to understand how to respect nature. 
Guide showing ways to plant turtle eggs. The eggs MUST NOT be tilted as baby turtles will not form if the axis of the egg has changed. That would be equal to killing the babies.

Facts about turtle eggs:

  • The axis of the turtle eggs will form after 2 hours of being laid. If the axis is tilted, the baby turtle will not form in the egg.
  • Incubation of turtle eggs require 24-31 deg C, from 45-60 days 
  • The heat will determine the gender of the turtles, the eggs with higher temperature will form female turtles (talk about hot temper!) The eggs on top will normally be warmer due to sunlight and will form females.
  • Eggs below will normally be males and will be stronger to push the rest of the hatchlings out of the hole
  • It can take 2 days for hatchlings to crawl out of the sand
  • Hatchlings can be caught between roots of plants and never make it out of the hole. Therefore, sanctuaries are to prevent these situations.
Eggs has to be carefully placed with kindness in hopes that a new generation of turtles will be formed. 
Remember to place the eggs in the exact orientation the eggs are found.
My honour to initiate a life

5. Release Turtle Hatchlings into the Sea
Turtles frequent the Kijal beach most in May-June. There was no turtle spotted when I went but I was contented enough to be able to release these little ones to the sea! When releasing the turtles, do it with a sincere wish for them to survive and return to proliferate.
Each guest can release a basket of turtles

Facts about baby turtles (hatchlings):

  • Pick the turtles by holding the sides of their shells. Do not touch their heads or stomach as those areas are very delicate
  • Baby turtles can be blinded by flash. So keep the flashlights at bay. Blinding them equals to killing them as they need sight to survive at sea
  • Only 1/1000 baby turtles survive. Others will be eaten by predators
  • No matter how far they have travelled in the world, the turtles will return to where they were born to lay their eggs
  • A matured turtle will only return after 20 years
  • Baby turtles will follow light. Therefore, shine your torches towards the sea to guide them to the water.
  • A hatchling has to be released to the sea at maximum of 7 days old or it will die on land. 
Hatchlings will go towards light. So shine your light towards the sea! If not it will go backwards like this little one!
Hey little one! May you grow up well and survive to return to Resorts World Kijal in 20 years
Be well and strong little one!

6. Beach Stroll
Relaxing is not always in the form of sleeping. Leave those cosy sheets a little earlier and go for a morning stroll at the beach. I promise it will be rewarding! The feeling of being earlier than the sun, when the moon is still up is fulfilling. The crisp cool air infiltrates the lungs when you wait to receive a brand new day automatically keeps you fresh and positive. That is ultimately the goal of a rejuvenating holiday.
Silhouette at 6am
Be there when the moon is still up
Waiting to receive a brand new day!
The hues of a fresh morning
Positivity in every fibre of my being
Sun rise!
Strolling and chatting with friends
Remember, leave nothing but footprints
Dip knee high in the cool sea
Golden colours of nature is beautiful
It was the best Monday ever!

7. Lounge Around
When you come to this place, you are permitted to be totally lazy. Yes, just plain lazy. Linger around and do not be shy to do absolutely nothing! Because when you go back to work, you will never get this chance again. The hotel has serene places for you to lounge among nature.
Acres of land for you to run your hearts out
Just chill and chat with friends under a tree on a carpet of grass
Stimulate your mind with a giant chess set
Enjoying my steamy kopi in a koleh while looking at the pool
Enjoying my morning lontong

8. Golf
For those into golfing, Resorts World Kijal's 18-hole championship golf course has a par of 72 an consists of the Palma and Rimba Nines. For hotel guests, fees vary from RM70 on weekdays to RM80 on weekends and public holidays, to RM100 for weekdays and RM110 for weekends and public holidays (18 holes). Guests who forgot to bring their golfing equipment will be happy to note that golf sets are available for hire. A full golf set at RM50 and shoes at RM30. Driving range balls cost RM7 per 50 balls and for walk-in guests, RM10.
Driving range
18 hole golfcourse
Palm trees at the golf course are just super calming

9. Pamper Yourself in SPA
Treat yourself like royalty at the Taman Sari Royal Heritage SPA. Massages are of the Javanese and Balinese kind with masseurs are from Indonesia itself. Scrubs, body wraps and facial treatments seem like a lavish way to pamper yourself and while you are at it, remind yourself that you are worth it! When on a holiday, those who do not neglect their health regiment can head to the hotel's spacious gym.
Traditional Javanese and Balinese treatement
Lush and sensual treatment rooms 
List of treatments of the Taman Sari Royal Heritage SPA
The spacious gym to facilitate your workout needs

10. Dine
This may be the 10th on the list but it is certainly not the least to enjoy. In fact, I LOVE their al-fresco dining! It is one of the most romantic deals of the day. Dine at the Oasis Beach Bistro with luminescence and fresh breeze that will literally take your breath away. I nearly did not want to return to my room after dinner! Check out my dining experience at the OBB and the Open Herb Garden here.
Oasis Beach Bistro is one of the attractive dining areas in RW Kijal
Beautiful luminescence and fresh breeze
Can you resist the aroma of BBQed seafood
I can never say no in a setting like this. Dear future husband...
With waves and sea breeze
Romantic al fresco dining by the sea with family and friends
Bon fire at your request
Cultural performance can be arranged for occasions and events
A truely Malaysian dinner at the Open Herb Garden which is equally as beautiful as the Oasis Beach Bistro
Promotion packages till 31st December 2016

Kijal Turtle Watching Package
3D2N Premier Seaview room 
1 time turtle watching for 2. In the event there are no turtles sighted, guest will experience egg planting at the hatchery and release of baby turtle to sea
Breakfast for 2 persons

Kijal Weekend Golf Package
2D1N Deluxe room 
One round of 18-hole golf for 2 persons
Breakfast for 2 persons

Kijal Weekend Package
RM199 Deluxe room or RM249 Premier Seaview
Breakfast for 2 persons

Premium Double Storey Suite
The premium double storey suite is a combination of Premium suite downstairs and Deluxe suite connected upstairs and the ideal choice for families who wants to take their holiday to a splurge. Honeymooners can opt for the Premium suite downstairs only with an outdoor jacuzzi. The suites come with living hall, dining area and pantry. 
For love birds
A sensual outdoor Jacuzzi bathtub
Outdoor bathtub
The sea belongs to you
The yard
The gate between your room and the sea
Dining area
The pantry
Living hall
The Deluxe room that can be connected to the Premier room downstairs to create a duplex suite
My 3D2N stay at Resorts World Kijal was a thorough getaway. The resort impressed me even more this time than during my offshore days. Its vintage side tore me away from the modern humdrum and its grandeur prevails. The rich nature that the hotel inherits is something that not many hotels have. Before long, I find myself recommending the Turtle Watching Package to my friends and now, to you. 
Resorts World Kijal radiating in amber lighting
The lobby lit at night
The grandeur of the hotel prevails
Thank you for the hospitality RW Kijal! 
Next, check out where to go in Kuala Terengganu here!

Resorts World Kijal
KM 28, Jalan Kemaman-Dungun,
24100 Kijal, Kemaman,
Terengganu Darul Iman.

Tel: 09 864 1188
Fax: 09 864 1688

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