Thursday, February 20, 2020

Tatsu Japanese Viking Buffet @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

Dishes were all over our table and there were more coming but there was no one judging. The more the merrier! A little mental calculation whispered that our consumption worthed more than the ala cart buffet's fare. To add to that victorious feeling, it was at InterContinental's Japanese restaurant, Tatsu.

InterContinental surprised us with an offer we had to look twice to believe. For RM100+ per adult, made-to-order authentic Japanese dishes can be enjoyed at their Japanese Viking Buffet. Pick as many dishes as you like via their ordering form and their attentive waiters will bring them right to you. You don't even have to leave the table to refill your plates. The special price is only valid till 29th February 2020 before the normal price is resumed at RM148+.

There was no compromise on the freshness of the food especially sashimi. Quality ingredients used spoke for themselves too. The kitchen was continuously dishing out Angus beef, tiger prawns and scallops for diners who filter menus from the highest value to the lowest. Diners can also order Fresh Boston Lobsters, Wagyu or Tomahawk Steak at promotional prices.

For more information and reservation, contact Tatsu Japanese Cuisine at 03-27826118 or email

Scroll down to see the dishes you will be getting endlessly at Tatsu's Japanese Viking Buffet.

Bringing out the glutton in me
InterContinental's Tatsu Japanese Restaurant
Stylish dining area

An array of spirits
Private room
Japanese Head Chef Tommy Kuan
Freshly cut sashimi upon order
Irresistable for those who have a penchant for sashimi
Slices for sushi
If you can't decide, get a bit of everything!
Can you tell which is salmon, tuna, butterfish and hamachi?
Pick the appetizer of your choice 
Help yourself with some edamame, Kani Mayo Sarada, potato salad and green salad
Assorted sushi 
Which do you like better? Salmon or oily salmon belly
Sushi rolls
Smooth and throat- soothing Chawanmushi
Couldn't resist those hand-rolls
From left: Vegetarian roll, Unagi roll and California roll
Ah that hint of pink on Angus beef bites
Ebi Karaage
Salmon Tenpanyaki
Tiger Prawn Tenpanyaki
Scallop Tenpanyaki
Tempura Moriawase
Mixed mushroom tenpanyaki
Japanese Chicken Curry
Happily fed
Cross over to the sweet side to finish the meal
Assorted mochi
Shiratama Zenzai
For more information and reservation, contact Tatsu Japanese Cuisine at 03-27826118 or email

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