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Astro Series "Breakthrough" on National Geographic Channel

While we mindlessly switch on the light and turn on the steaming shower, there is a quantum of scientists and engineers sedulously finding ways to make those simple things continuously possible. One day the world will run out of resources and be swallowed by pandemics which will leave us futile tears. There are real heroes trying to save the world but they remain unsung among more exciting sensations like entertainment and profit.  

New 6-episode series- Breakthrough
Breakthrough is a 6-episode series by the National Geographic Channel that exposes the gravity of research and science in areas that involve medicine, biology and energy. Directed by award winning directors and actors, Breakthrough turns big-yawn subjects into interesting documentary with engaging music and comprehensive narration. Most importantly, every episode channels a huge wisdom of knowledge to its viewers that will hopefully propagate for the betterment of humankind.

Premier of Energy on the Edge
I had the opportunity to watch the premier screening of Episode 5- Energy on the Edge at the nation's most prominent science center, Petrosains in KLCC. Petrosains and National Geographic Channel are collaborating for a more facilitated approach in edutainment to the public. Using the television series, Petrosains features the Hot Science corner to impart knowledge and awareness on science and technology.
Featured on National Geographic Channel...I wish!

Sneak peak into Breakthrough Episode 5- Energy on the Edge
There is a rare breed of people constantly searching for alternatives to petroleum and coal which have their expiry dates. Renewable energy may not be the ultimate solution but it can at least decrease our dependency of fuel.

Wind Energy
This engaging video features how engineer Louis Michoud harnesses energy from tornadoes from his prototype, the Atmospheric Vortex Engine. While some see tornadoes as destruction, this scientist found potential in energy.
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Solar Energy
Power is in sunlight which is readily available. Follow innovations and advancements at solar farms when they transform something so abstract to good use. 
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Geothermal Energy
The Iceland Deep Drilling company are paving the way to drill a well that will tap directly into molten magma which creates as much electricity as six steam wells. Geologists are also working towards extracting energy from volcanic materials. Countless calculations and engineering is invested at life-threatening zones to excavate something more valuable than gold.
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Nuclear Energy
A bottle of water is believed to contain enough energy to power the whole of San Francisco. Scientists at the US National Ignition Facility are embracing the complexity of lasers and atoms to create self sustaining atoms as an alternative source of energy.
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Biogas Energy
A beer factory shows how the most unlikeliest of things such as garbage, manure, whiskey, beer and diary waste can be used to create biofuel to provide electricity for its own consumption.
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The premier episodes of Breakthrough are at 10.00pm on National Geographic Channel & National Geographic Channel HD, Astro Channel 553 & 573 on the following dates

7th November 2015 
Fighting Pandemics (Directed by Akiva Goldsman)
Viewers are taken into the dramatic, inspiring and heartbreaking world of pioneers screambling to stop an outbreak and save the world from future plages. From antibiotics and vaccines to computer programmes that predict how viruses will spread, see how new lifesaving tools will be used to fight a wide range of viruses. 

14th November 2015 
More Than Human (Directed by Paul Giamatti)
Features cyborgs: a person who is aided or enhanced by embedded technology such as artificial limbs or pacemakers. The fusion of biology and technology is making us better, stronger, faster and smarter.But as the natural and mand-made worlds merge, will we become more than human? And do we risk losing our humanity?

21st November 2015 
Decoding the Brain (Directed by Adrien Brody)
After millennia of speculation about what goes on inside the human brain, we now have the tools to explore its hidden reaches. These tools are leading to research that may help those suffering from afflictions such as epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease. 

28 November 2015
The Age of Aging (Directed by Ron Howard)
In recent years, close study of aging process has opened up new ways taht could help us all live healthier and longer. Can we move beyond treating individual diseases and instead treat the aging process itself?

5th December 2015
Energy on the Edge (Directed by Akiva Goldsman)- Review above
We are surrounded by clean, raw energy waiting to be tapped. A rare breed of scientists and engineers are finding new ways to harvest renewable energy. 

12th December 2015
Water Apocalypse (Directed by Angela Basset)
California is on the brink of an apocalypse. The state faces a future of drought that will cost billions in lost farm revenue and thousands of jobs. California is not the only one. All over the world, governments are sturggling with bigger populations and diminishing water supply of freshwater. 
Fun facts on each episode

Those who wants to uncover some of the fundamental concepts behind discoveries featured in Breakthrough could stop into Hot Science area, Petrosains, Level 4, Suria KLCC until 13th December 2015
Hot Science area at Petrosains
Understand the concepts behind technology
Science is fascinating
Different minerals produce flames of different colours
Me trying a hand at producing coloured flames
Science creates magic
Petrosains at Level 4 KLCC

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre
Petronas Twin Towers
Level 4, Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2331 8181

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