Friday, December 11, 2015

AirAsia's Inflight Magazine travel 3sixty Celebrates 100th Issue

The next time you are on a flight with AirAsia, remember to look into the seat pocket in front. Among the sickness bags and emergency cards, there is a compilation of articles waiting for your attention. AirAsia's award winning in-flight magazine travel 3sixtyo celebrated its 100th issue at Marini's on 57 on...guess when...the day the President of the United States called on our country!

Travel 3sixty 100th issue celebration
AirAsia has been my favourite airline because it has made many of my travels possible. During my journeys, travel 3sixtyo has always been there to give me an uplifting read, putting my time to good use before I reach my destinations. Its colourful pages and immaculate editorial pumps good knowledge in me and widens my perspective of the world. Inspiration is in every corner of the magazine and it concurs with my objective to travel- to experience different cultures, see different beauty and eat what people from different parts of the world eat.
My favourite airlines
The in-flight magazine travel 3sixtywas established in 2007 and has grown into the sleek, stylish and informative magazine that it is now. Being the only in-flight publication to be audited and endorsed by the Audit Bureau of Circulations of Malaysia (ABCM) is a testament that AirAsia strives for quality in every aspect (not just a book words for you to read). The magazine showcases the best of travel, culture and lifestyle all over the world.
The celebration of travel 3sixty100th issue
Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (with cap) publisher of travel 3sixtyduring the launch of the magazine
This magazine does not only add value to travellers but is also a legitimate tool to teach English in schools. Larrie Jessika from Tebedu Sarawak thinks that this is the perfect text book for students to absorb the language in a fun way. Its captivating visuals and motivating tales with engaging writing styles not only disseminates knowledge but also cultivates adventurous souls. Teacher Larrie was presented with a watch worth RM30,000 as a token of appreciation for his initiative.
The special 100th edition in its specially designed cover
Larrie Jessika's unique teaching method hatched the idea of AirAsia's special contest "Invite travel 3sixty". Contestants will have to invite the editorial team to their hometown and get their place featured as the cover story, further enriching the insights of places in Malaysia. 
Marini's on 57
I enjoyed the celebration with continuous music and drinks at the prestigious bar, overlooking my spectacular city in the midst of the drizzle. Kuala Lumpur's lights are always a fascination to me. Having visited many cities, I am proud that my home city is no less than others. I also won an American Tourister backpack by lucky draw that promising evening. It is a more travelling! What a rewarding way to end the strenuous week!
Admiring the beauty of night view in Kuala Lumpur
A majestic sight despite rain
De Fam presenting their hit single Supergirls
Music and free flow of drinks
The party at the private lounge
Obama's entourage at Tower 3 KLCC
Travel 3Sixty° is a monthly, English-language magazine. Travel 3Sixty° is produced entirely in-house by a small but passionate editorial team at AirAsia’s headquarters in Malaysia. 

Other achievements by travel 3Sixty° over the years include:

  • SABAH TOURISM AWARD 2009 - Best Tourism Article on Sabah Published in Malaysia (Magazine) 
  • 25th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence, Manado 2012 - Best ASEAN Travel Article 
  • 26th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence, Vientiane 2013 - Best ASEAN Travel Article
  • Marketing & Advertising Singapore’s Magazine of The Year 2013 - Third Place Magazine of the Year in (Inflight Magazine Category) 
  • 27th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence, Kuching 2014 - Best Tourism Photo 
  • 28th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence for Best ASEAN Travel Article, Nay Pyi Taw 2015 

AirAsia spreads its content not only to its flyers onboard Malaysia AirAsia, AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia, Thai AirAsia X, Indonesia AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia X, Philippines AirAsia and India AirAsia flights but also generously to all avid readers. Read travel 3sixtyonline at and

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