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Eat Free with Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016

My friends noticed a difference in me ever since I got 'the book". Whenever it is time to eat, I whip 'the book' out, eagerly studying the pages as if there is free food. IS INDEED all about free food! The Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016 is a compilation of freebie and discount coupons.

Not only that, it has also become the Google of places to eat. Whenever we start asking "eat what ah?", we refer to the Worthy Book for ideas. Even my friends enjoy being with me...or rather being with the book hehe. The pages are flipped till the edges and corners are blunt and peeled. 

Read on to see what I mean!
The Worthy Book is not only a compilation of coupons, it is a collection of ideas of where to eat

To give you a better picture, it is like Groupon just that all the coupons are already in your hands. For a mere RM30.00, you get to save RM3000 in freebies and discounts. 180 vouchers ready to be used at over 100 malls and restaurants in Malaysia. The wide range of restaurants and stores participating in Worthy Book will keep you fueled with goodies and ideas till September 2016.
Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016

8 things I like about Worthy Book:

1. The coupons allow you to save. You know how eating out is getting more expensive these days? But I still long for a splash of lifestyle. Worthy Book gives me the satisfaction of maintaining that lifestyle at a lower price with their discount coupons.

2. The Worthy Book is a great gift itself, rewarding the receiver with multifold perks that would cost you a bomb and a lifetime to give if they were given on its own.

3. The contents are thoughtfully categorized according to cuisine, area, shopping mall and state. I love how they made it very clear. I find no hassle in finding the coupons and I always get to my pages within seconds.

4. It is handy. I slip it in my handbag and it goes wherever I go so that I wont miss out on any offers.

5. The coupons are genuine deals with no hidden agenda. Read the terms and conditions written clearly behind and redeem accordingly. What is written is what you will get!

6. It gives ideas of places to eat. Deciding where to eat is no longer unfavourable. Refreshing ideas are neatly displayed in hardcopy and at the pleasure of turning the pages. At times, it even makes me look forward to the usually disliked decision-making!

7. I give Worthy Book a thumbs up for furnishing sufficient information about every restaurant they feature. Address, telephone number, website, facebook, opening hours and their specialties are systematically printed. I discovered that I do not need to look elsewhere for information.

8. Coupon stubs are easy to tear. Do not underestimate the make of a coupon book as it can make or shake your meal. Stubs are firmly attached while smooth tearing is still possible only when needed. Keep the rest of the page for future reference on where to eat.

My suggestion to Worthy Book is to allocate a note section so that sentimental users like me can jot their experience throughout their culinary journey with the book.   

KGB (Killer Gourmet Burgers) @ TTDI
My colleagues and I were clueless about where to have lunch and wanted a change of environment from the chicken rice shop conveniently opposite our office. Burgers at KGB came to perspective when we flipped through Worthy Book. 
KGB coupons
Merry chatters were created while we discussed how to optimize the coupons for the four of us.
Deciding what to eat can be a jolly occasion with friends
Free milkshake with purchase of 2 burgers
More fun with colleagues
Value meal
Bobcat Burger discount 20% saved RM3.20
Tornado Burger discount 20% saved RM3.40
Free Nutella Milkshake saved RM12.00
Total saved RM18.60

MBG Member Card for Life
Free member card with purchase worth RM10.00
Free member card saved RM10.00
Gives you MBG card member price, free 1 fruit juice on your birthday and points for redemption

Juice Work Member Card
Juice works member card gives you 
Free member card saved RM11.30
10% discount on all regular priced items, free drink on your birthday, 10%+10% on birthday month, monthly specials

Gelato afer dinner
Buy 1 Free 1 coupon saved RM10.00 for my date and I that evening

There are some luke warm offers that make you feel that the restaurants could be more generous. But those are just a fraction of the book. You'll find many good steals in between them.

While Worthy Book is doing a good job in compiling the goodies, restaurants might want to make the promotions known to their staff. There were times that I had to wait for them to call their HQ to verify my authentic coupon.

Another advice is to call the restaurants first before heading there. One year is a long time and many things can change. The Little Pantry for example is no longer in business.  I did not get my free chicken chop that day :(

Having said those, Worthy Book is definitely a book that I recommend. It makes my meals cheaper and adventurous! What else can you ask more for RM30. Next, I am heading to Sushi Tei for my FREE SALMON SASHIMI...without purchase!

Worthy Book 
Available at MPH, Times, Kinokuniya,, Popular, Borders and 7Eleven
Check out the Ladies edition at

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