Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant Frenzy from Le Bread Days Cafe @ SS2

I had enough! What is all this hype about the molten salted egg yolk croissant?! What spell has this bread casted on the people that caused so much chaos and hype. This is definitely no ordinary situation. The dough that could command people to queue, quarrel and talk incessantly about it. I nearly died of curiosity. Thus, I became one of them on that faithful Saturday.

I had to try the much talked about Molten
Le Bread Days Cafe shot to stardom in such an instant with its croissants until it was apparently too overwhelming for them to manage. I am not sure whether Rebecca Saw's post made it popular or Rebecca reviewed it BECAUSE it is already popular. 

When they first became famous, they were quite fickle with the time they bring out their batches unleashing an uproar of dissatisfaction among about-to-be patrons. They ended up empty handed as the bread was (and still is) always sold out and people did not know when to catch it.
The line spans up to 2 shoplots
The bakery must have groped their way to be more organized by establishing a system. Croissants come out at a fixed time now- 11:30am and 3:30pm. A waitress would match names and their orders (maximum 4 croissants per person) while they queue. Customers who came just for the Molten would have to wait outside. I look at the line with envy and admiration. The line was 2 shoplots long. From the photo, it would be until 7-Eleven. How I wish I had a line like that queuing for whatever I will be selling! I arrived at 11am and I was number 8 in line while my sidekick was number 9.
The croissants are out only at 11.30am and 3.00pm daily
Inside the cafe, it was a little crowded. If you are planning to go to the cafe for a sit-down visit, remember to avoid the table near the back counter at 11-ish and 3-ish. You will not able to eat in peace. In fact, the customer had to relocate to another table for fear of being squished.
The crowd in the cafe, all waiting for their turns to collect their bread
After paying, we loitered at the back counter and waited for our names to be called. The celebrity bread came out and all were full of anticipation and cannot wait to sink our teeth into the croissants. Will it really be THAT GOOD? Is it overrated? Will it be worth my 1-hour queue? I wouldn't mind making bread if my business is THIS GOOD!
The celebrity bread, freshly out of oven at RM6.90 each before GST, RM7.30 after GST
I wouldn't mind making bread if my business is as overwhelming as this
My sidekick and I got 4 croissants each. Well, it was not that we were influenced. We were not planning to use all the time and effort just to get one each! 
My sidekick and I got 4 breads each
At last! There was nothing in between me and the croissant. I lodged myself at a coffeeshop with a clear and unbiased mind. There was no sign of salted egg yolk at my first bite. The croissant itself did not disappoint! It was crispy and flakey on the outside. Inside, it was tissue soft and had an appetizing buttery fragrance. On top, there were sprinkles of a mixture of butter and sugar which gave it a pleasant crunch.
Crispy on the outside and molten on the inside
When I got to the core, I immediately could recognize that I reached the heavenly part! The filling was piping hot and redolent of the popular flavour. It was creamy and rich with a good balance of sweet and salty. There was just the right amount of salted egg. The runny filling was part of its luscious texture as it is not too thick. It will tease you by flowing all over your mouth and hands. The combination of the pastry and molten filling in a bite will launch you to bliss for a moment.
"No wonder the queue," my sidekick concluded.

I'd like to ask a variation of a question I saw on the web:

Are you willing to line up for the croissant?
A. Definitely
B. Can I pay someone to do it?
C. No. I'll wait for the hype to die down

Which is your answer?

Le Bread Days Cafe
    68, Jalan SS 2/72, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    (next to New Paris Restaurant)
    Tel: +60 3-7932 0868
    Opening hours: 7:30am – 10:00pm

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