Monday, April 24, 2017

Book Local Tours and More with KKday

I have been a wanderluster ever since I knew how to use the credit card to book flights on my own. I must say, after all these years, I have developed a style of travelling that works best for me. The flight booking is always done first, followed by the accommodation although I always research both of them at the same time.

When it comes to itinerary, I prefer local tours as I can easily slot the 'ala carte' activities in my preferred plan as opposed to following the whole predetermined tour. But getting local tours are tricky. I always have to battle the conundrum of whether to get the best deals online before reaching the destination. If I were to wait until I arrived at the place, I face the risk of tours being sold out. Anybody feeling the same pain?
Going places
Now here is one platform that I can rely on. KKday is Asia's leading travel platform that provides users with local travel experiences from all over the world. KKday primarily focuses on destinations in Asia but have extended to Europe and America providing travellers with over 6,000 travel experiences.
The new platform to book local tours
Travellers cannot choose the local activities they want to experience because most of the tour packages are predesigned by travel agencies. In other words, RIGID. Therefore, KKday has created customised itineraries for all customers. For example, knowing that Malaysians love Jiufen, Shifen and Pigxi, KKday will customize a tour encompassing the sites for Malaysians to experience.
KKday collaboration with Tourism Taiwan
Fly with Pa Ma 
In conjuction with Parent's day 2017, KKday Malaysia is launching the #flywithpama social media campaign to urge the public to be more caring and to spend more quality time with their parents. KKday will be sponsoring an all-inclusive trip to a luckky winner who will get to bring along three family members to Taiwant! The exclusive packages includes four return flight tickets to Taiwan, five days itinerary in Taiwan customized by KKday accommodations, airport transfer and travel insurance sponsored by Tune Protect.
Mom and I travelling
To participate, submit a message expressing your love for your parents on Participants will also need to like KKday's Facebook page where the most heartfelt message will be chosen and announced.
Booking accommodations are a lot easier with KKday
The sponsored trip will bring the winning family around Northern Taiwan to explore the spectacular sceneries and traditional villages in Jiufen, Shifen and Yehliu. Hualien's most iconic spots such as Qixinngtan Beach and Dongdamen Night Market will also be the highlights of the trip. They will also be able to enjoy a hassle-free Taipei 101 experience at an exclusive discount offered by KKday.
The wanderluster me
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