Monday, April 24, 2017

Street Feeding with Air Asia @ Kuala Lumpur

While you are complaining that the food in front of you is 'sucky', there are children who are crying for another scoop of porridge...just for one more scoop.

While you are deriding that person with that 'entry level' branded bag, some are searching the dustbins for torn bags to repair so that their children can carry books to school.

As cliche as it may sound, we won't know how blessed we are until we meet them. As we curse the rainy day for drenching us but still having a hot shower that we can turn on, we will never know how it feels like living on the streets. If you feel the pain of keeping afloat in the rat race, imagine survival for them, keeping track of every ringgit. And when health issues come visiting, they surrender to the humanity of the public.
Every person you see on the streets has a story of their own
Our guests that evening are just like you and I- want nice clothes, want comfortable house, want nice car and never want to be hungry. But what makes us feel entitled to so much more than them? Did we work harder? Did we study more? Is it because we were born with better looks? Or were they born with just that simple, explainable lack of luck?
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Air Asia did a wonderful job in helping NGO Need to Feed the Need to reach out to the less fortunate in Kuala Lumpur. Meals, goody bags, hair cut and manicure were offered to alleviate, in any way, their struggles to make ends meet. You will never know how your warm smile or friendly handshake can strengthen their faith in life again.
Guests waiting for the party to start
If you are a believer that fate is in your hands. I believe, you cannot truely control everything in life. Every one strived at one point of their life. Every one tried their best in life to live better. Being part of the urban poor is definitely not their aim. Yes, people make decisions in their lives and repercussions come out of them. We think we can make better decisions and plans but in the end, we will never know how we will end up in the future too. 
Mr Rajen briefing the volunteers and dividing the workload
Humbling experience
Thank you for the opportunity to serve
Guests are refreshed with hair cut
Ladies got their nails trimmed and buffed
Children were entertained by clowns
Even volunteers enjoyed ourselves
Sarangheyo! With Air Asia's Korean interns
Until you see them with your own eyes, you will continue to take life for granted
This is my aim in life, said on one ever. We will never know how we end up in the future too

Air Asia volunteers combing the streets for trash
Meet Danish Harraz! Only 10 years old but with such a gigantic heart!
He bakes, sells his cakes and cookies and donates them to the needy!
He is mighty adorable too! Check him on FB!

Need to Feed the Need is a self-funded NGO who reaches out to the needy every Thursdays, 8pm-10pm, at Pusat Gelendangan Medan Tunku (opposite Tune Hotel and Maju Junction Mall).

If you would like to volunteer or donate your preloved items, do check out their page at or follow them on instagram @needtofeedtheneed

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