Saturday, April 29, 2017

Splashing Fun at the First Ever Aqua Run @ Sunway Lagoon

"Those who says sunshine brings happiness has never dance in the rain"

Also, they obviously have not tried the Sunway Lagoon Aqua Run! I never thought I would find happiness in the purest form after the shrinkage of the Malaysian Ringgit but I did and I must say, this has been the best chill pill after all the urban stress for the first quarter of the year.
Ready to run, slide and climb at the Sunway Lagoon Aqua Run!
Different from other runs, this one totally had me laughing and sprightly prancing around on a Sunday morning. Over 1000 runners of all ages, including my sister and I, made our way to the first every Aqua Run at Sunway Lagoon. Outdoor fun proved to win over Sunday sleep-in pleasure. 
Getting energetic for the run!
Submersed-in-water kinda warm up before the run
My sister and I both loved the run as it was only 2 km but full of happiness and laughter! The short distance was just right to get our limbs working and at the same time, did not tire us for the weekend. It was certainly a day filled with plenty of thrills and spills as the runners made their way across some of the park's most iconic attractions including the largest man-made sandy surf beach.
Ready, steady, go!
There  were 6 challenges all together. The first was Splash Attack where runners brazed through pulsating rotating sprinklers!
Station 1: Sprinklers
Sunway Lagoon station master splashing us with water
Running barefooted all over the park
2nd Station: Puddles Mattress
Try to keep your balance at the mattress full of holes
Third Station: The Climb and Slide
Climb up the slippery route
And then, shoot down the slide
Fourth Station: Wall Diving
Squeeze your way through the walls but becareful of what awaits behind the walls
Fifth Station: Photograph time!
Take a break and smile!
Sixth Station: Water Disco Hut
Dance your way through the shower walls where you get thoroughly washed and rinsed in disco music
Look at that guy spraying water from the top the good old fashion way
Race to the end and finish!
Relax in water fight
A selfie with the pirates
The run came to a close with a Bubble Music Celebration where participants can let their wet hair down and dance to upbeat music before dispersing to enjoy other attractions in the park. I will definitely return for the next installation of the Aqua Run because it made me soaking with bliss!
The Bubble Music celebration
Fun and cheer with friends
Wow weeeeee!
Waterproof texting
Underwater photo- the waterproof bag is such a great creation!
And we dispersed to enjoy other attractions in the park
For more information visit or call 03-5639 0000

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